28 September, 2015

Devilish laugh in the night

Shruthi slept quickly after finishing her favourite novel. She is habituated to live alone in her 2 bedroom flat after she got a job and moved to her dream city.

Exactly at 2 a.m she woke up suddenly by the devilish laugh. She tiptoed to every room switching on each light and searching for the source of that haunting voice. That sound stopped suddenly. She couldn't sleep for an hour being afraid.

When she is thinking about it deeply in the morning, her maid was leaving after cleaning the house.
Again that devilish laugh reverberated in the room from the kitchen and maid was relieved while leaving the house, "Amma, forgot my mobile yesterday in the kitchen and was worrying if I lost it!"

Shruthi is now scolding herself for her fear last night, thinking of the horrible ringtone of her maid's mobile.

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