08 September, 2015

Fun and cool - Bhale Bhale Magadivoy - Telugu Movie

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is a Telugu film directed by Maruthi, starring Nani and Lavanya as hero and heroines. If you have watched the trailer, you will know it's a comedy movie.

Hero Lucky has a memory problem and he forgets everything quickly when diverted by something else. He is studying medicine and often forgets the way to reach hospital also if he is stopped by someone in the middle of the way. He loves Nandhana. Fortunately, things work well and he covers up cleverly before her without mentioning his problem. They both fell in love with each other. But, the truth has to be revealed some day. When it comes out, his lover sees him as a cheater for not mentioning about his problem before hand and telling many lies.

How he could prove that he really loved her is the remaining part of the story. At one point, Nani says - problem is with his brain and not with his heart.Cute little message by the end of the movie is - Love can be a strength to overcome some weaknesses in life.

What is great?
  • Nani's performance and of course other actors performance too which is overshadowed by nani's :-)
  • Comedy, which is not forced but situational
  • Nice dialogues
  • A good movie to watch with family
  • Good combination of humour+romance+performance

My rating: 4/5

So, go and watch if you can!

PS: I am not good at reviewing movies. You can read a detailed review on this movie from my friend here (it's in Telugu).

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