16 November, 2015

Book round up - Oct 2015

October was a busy month with lot of reading, reviewing and posting some spot lights in my blog. So, it's always good to remember and reminisce the good times. Right?

Here is a round up on books that I came across in October 2015:

Book Spot lights:

Only wheat not white by Varsha Dixit
Genre: #ContemporaryRomance
What if following your heart means failing your family? It's about Eila's  humorous and steamy love story. You can buy the book here.

Coke by Barun Chanda
Genre: #Thriller
This new release is an amazing thriller by advertising guru, writer and actor - Barun Chanda, who is also an acclaimed Bengali author. Coke is his first book in English.You can buy the book here.

First Brush on the Canvas - Anthology
Genre: #Shortstories #fiction
I am so much in love with anthologies. You can read anywhere, quick and need not worry about the continuity, unlike novels. These are from Melonade authors, so obviously amazing. You can buy the book here.

My Book Reviews:

The Cypress Trap by J C Gatlin
Genre: #Suspense, #Thriller
This thriller is about a couple's vacation going bad due to some reason. I would recommend this to lovers of on-the-edge thrillers. You can buy the book here.

Ever Faithful to his lead by Kathleen Pooler
Genre: #Non-fiction, #Biography
This is the story of a courageous woman who came out of abusive relationships and proven her mettle. An inspiring book! You can buy the book here.

Pupil's President Kalam 
Genre: #Collection
Another inspiring book which shows how a poor and ambitious man can achieve greater heights with passion and hard work. It's about none other than our beloved Ex-President Abdul Kalam. This is a collection of articles, speech, and memoirs of Kalam. You can buy the book here.

Metro Diaries by Namrata
Genre: #Romance
Love is in the air! A collection of short stories with lovely quotes and beautiful poems on Love. You can buy the book here.

Prismatic by Sarah Elle Emm
Genre: #Sci-fi, #YoungAdult, #Dystopian
This genre is very new for me. Enter the amazing fantasy world which is set in future. This is the story of the youth who doesn't want to live in oppression but plan intelligently and fight for their freedom.You can buy the book here.

Until next round up for November,

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