17 November, 2015

My writing process

This week's prompt in 'Write or Die Wednesdays' hosted by Mia and Shelly is The writing process. 

An interesting prompt, isn't it? I have written around 270 posts in my blog so far and this post make me remember the process or ritual that I follow whenever I publish something in my blog.

I have to begin with how I get an idea/ topic for the post. I get ideas from random ways - an inspiration from a book, an article in a news paper, some social issue, Discussion with friends/ colleagues, lesson learnt from parenting, inspired by some blog post of lovely bloggers in the blogging communities I am member of or simply the itch to write :-) After deciding on the topic, I will think whether this benefits or interests any of my readers. Few posts, I write just because I want to share something about the topic, whereas, few posts, I mention my opinion and want to know my reader's thoughts on the topic.

I don't spend much time on writing my post. I quickly write as my thoughts flow. I prefer to complete my post without stopping in the middle. I at most take 10 to 15 mins to complete writing. Time is precious and I don't get more time daily to spend on my blog. So, if I have to write regularly, I have to be quick. I read my entire post at least twice to correct my spelling and grammar mistakes. I think on making the narration interesting and friendly and change my post accordingly. I am yet to learn more on making my narration interesting.

Then, I search for the images that suit my post. Sometimes, I use the pictures taken from my camera and sometimes, I add pictures from Google/ Flickr which are labelled for non-commercial reuse. If I have to prepare my own design, I design it in pic monkey / Canva and get the pictures from there. I will re-check if my post title is fine or misleading.

I add proper tags/ labels, proper search description and verify preview once for formatting changes. If everything is fine, I publish it immediately or schedule it for later.

So, that's about my writing process. I am very eager to learn about my other blogger friends' writing process. Please share your points too..

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