01 January, 2017

5 New year resolutions that everyone should take

I usually don't set any resolutions for the new year as I believe that we should start doing good things whenever we can, without waiting for a specific time.

But, below are a few resolutions that I feel anyone can take for a peaceful life.

1. Eat healthy

Give preference to this resolution. Feeling good, fit and healthy makes us happy and positive. So, it is essential to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Make it a point to eat a portion of fruits at least thrice a week.

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water daily

  • Eat leafy vegetables, grains and pulses at least twice a week

2. Stay Active

Being active and busy keeps us feel alive. When we are contented with staying at home always and watching TV, life gets boring. Keeping mind and body active is the only way to avoid boredom.What say? 

  • Try to exercise at least thrice a week. Jogging or brisk walking for 30 mins would be a starter.

  • Keep mind busy by reading or playing sudoku or painting or any other creative work

  • Have a good night sleep always as this is directly proportional to the mind being active

3. Pursue a hobby

Many don't realize the importance of pursuing a hobby. A hobby can be anything that makes us happy, keeps us occupied and brings out our creativity. 

Many people say that they don't have any hobbies and hidden talents. But, it's not tough to find out what we really enjoy or love  to do. We need to explore many hobbies, learn skills, spend some time on each until we find out the hobby that makes us happy.

  • Without thinking of expertise and the level of talent, try hands on different things that you enjoy.

  • Spare at least 2 hours per week as a starter to nourish your dreams

  • Don't worry about failure and others' negative comments if the hobby really makes you happy. Learning is the part of process and no one is an expert from day one.

4. Express Gratitude

This is the new resolution that I took in my life whose potential is more than other resolutions. We are lucky in many ways. Every human being has up and downs in the life and it is foolishness to think that we are not blessed compared to others. 

A rich kid might not have freedom to run and play on the streets, whereas a poor kid playing on the streets might not have proper clothes. So, instead of taking things for granted, be happy that you have food to eat, good clothes to wear etc.,

  • Create a list of things/ experiences that you are grateful to God every month (even simple gestures by strangers and their help)

  • Read the gratitude list whenever you feel depressed.

  • Be a reason for someone to be grateful to you by giving surprise gifts to them and leaving appreciation notes if they have done something good. (Not only to a family member but also to a colleague/ friend/ neighbor/house help)

5. Accept your weaknesses

This is the most important resolution that everyone should take. No one is perfect in this world. We know that, but still we see our weaknesses in a magnifying glass and worry about them. It's time to stop worrying.When we accept our weakness and try to improve, it doesn't hurt when others comment/ discourage us. 

I am not good at cooking. I know it and I always try to improve this aspect but I never get discouraged by the negative comments of others on this topic. Thinking about the negative comments make me lose my confidence, which I don't want to happen. 

  • List down your weaknesses, be a self judge, criticize your own work and improve.

  • A few things can never be changed and behavior patterns are very difficult to change. Accept them.

  • Always remember that nobody in this world is perfect.

I wish you all a great year ahead which gives more happiness, good health and success in your endeavors.

Until next time,

Image courtesy: www.pixabay.com


  1. Ramya such sensible and doable resolutions! I loved all of them. I too am planning to follow a more healthy and active life this year with all the litle aches and niggles I have been experiencing the past year. Being thankful and realizing one's limitations are also great takeaways from this post! Wish you a wonderful 2017!

    1. Great Kala Ravi. All the best for a new start!

  2. Ramya, these are resolutions for all time. I have been thinking in similar lines too. I would love to try my hands on hobbies that keep me offline you know.
    May you have a great year ahead! Happy new year. 😊

    1. Thanks, same to you Ramya. All the best for your hobbies

  3. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Agree Ramya these indeed are points we all must bear in mind. Not just the first day of the year but also through the years as well

    1. True @meotherwise. Not just for new year, but goals for any day.

  4. All are very good points Ramya. Its important to keep all this in mind going forward. Wish you a wonderful 2017 :)

  5. U r a good preacher and practical woman really,what other we can say,God bless you forever ramya.

    1. Thanks Nannagaru. Blessed to get some of the good qualities from you

  6. These are things that are important for each one of us. I am so glad you listed it all down.

  7. This is a kind of post I need to save for every year. Saving it in my pocket for re-reads. Thanks for sharing.


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