24 January, 2017

The Journey to Magmatic by Ya'akov Halevy - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title: The Journey to Magmatic
Author: Ya'akov Halevy
Genre: Scifi, fantasy, children's fiction
The length of the book: 132 pages
Source: A free e-review copy from the author


An adventure beneath the earth’s surface

An ancient legend tells of a long-gone continent called Magmatic, buried in a volcanic eruption due to human greed and environmental destruction. Tulip and her little brother Noonie heard the fable from their father, a scientist who anticipates earthquakes. They'll soon find out that the legend is real.

An adventure packed with thrills, humor and surprise

On a field-trip to an advanced scientific pod, Tulip and Noonie find themselves beneath the earth’s surface. Deep underground, they slowly uncover the true source of earthquakes, and how the ancient legend is linked to the real environmental dangers facing the planet.

A fantastic voyage into the earth's belly

In their journey they encounter mythical animals, magnificent sights, great dangers and a world that blends imagination and reality. Together with their companions – a kind-hearted crustacean and a humanoid mindreading computer – they must learn to cooperate and rely on each other if they want to survive… and save the world.

Two children on a mission to save the planet

Will Tulip and Noonie overcome the dangers lurking in the Magma Sea, deep in the belly of the Earth? Will they escape the Monster Crab and the cruel mutants? How will they decipher the ancient prophecy and silence the deadly drill? And will their love for each other survive the voyage? A fantastic adventure about friendship, courage and environmental responsibility. You'll read it with bated breath.
My Review:
I usually don't like Scifi stories but picked this up as it is related to earthquakes and children. The blurb is interesting too. This is the story of 2 brave and inquisitive children who get trapped in a scientific pod which is designed to go to the core of the earth to find the source of earthquakes. What do they experience in their journey? Can they survive and find the source of the earthquakes and stop it? This forms the remaining story.
The story starts well in an interesting way. It is lovely to read about the brother and sister relationship, their courage, their trust to each other and their intelligence. But, later it becomes too much of fantasy. Since the story is set in 2050, it is acceptable but mind reading capabilities of the computer and the incredible concept of the pod which protects itself from extreme weather conditions are unbelievable. There are some inherent messages and morals in different chapters of the book, which are good. I felt bored after reading 50% of the book and skipped a few pages in the middle. The climax is good. The book cover is great and the title is apt. The flow of the events is fine, but editing can be tighter. I would recommend this to sci-fi and fantasy lovers.
My Rating: 3/5
PS: I have received this free e-review copy from the author for review and this is my honest opinion on the book. 
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