27 April, 2017

Gratitude List for April 2017 #GratitudeCircle

It's the end of the month of April and time to show gratitude. I am excited to share my gratitude list this month, you see? I am posting the list earlier than usual :-)

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Here is my list:

1. Driver License
There can't be any other good news for me in this month. I got my driver test done at last and now can drive on the road legally. Having a car on hand at all times and being able to drive is very helpful, right?
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2. Library membership
I have taken the membership of local library and liked the library very much. The Library is very peaceful and has a good collection for kids. I loved the magazines there and I am yet to explore fiction books. 
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3. More travel plans for Summer
Summer holidays are nearby and I started browsing different places to visit on vacation. I love this activity of exploring a lot of tourist places, choosing some, booking accommodations and planning a trip. This summer, I am going to choose scenic places and focus on nature and peace.

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4. Lifestyle Changes
I have started going to bed early like before 10 pm, which I couldn't do earlier. This gave me 9 hrs sleep (I know, too much of sleep :-)) and It's refreshing in the morning. I have started drinking honey, lemon in warm water in the mornings, which is also rejuvenating. It's giving me a fresh start for the day. I am thinking to introduce a lot more changes in my lifestyle like making the daily walk at least for 20 mins mandatory and trying to dance or do aerobics daily.  

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I am also very grateful to God for giving me strength to manage home and kids, providing me good health and an active lifestyle. What are you grateful for?

Please do let me know in comments and also join #GratitudeCircle hosted by Vidya Sury. 

Until next time,

Be blessed and be grateful.


  1. Being able to drive a vehicle by yourself is such a liberating feeling - I just started two years ago and wish I'd begun earlier! Love all these little joys, they're what makes life worthwhile, right?

  2. Congratulations on getting the license - thats the best feeling of all!!!


    Love of hotels

  3. Love your gratitude post! It's the little things we do and notice that bring the most consistent joy, I find.

  4. I got my license in September! After I thought that I was too old to learn to drive! But I guess that I was wrong! (I don't have access to a car, however.)
    I am grateful for the chance to draw and paint. I am grateful for my friends and family and for people who have to passion to want to make this world a better place. I am grateful for music. Now that it's spring, I am so grateful for nature and for seeing all of the beautiful colors of the flowers, the trees, and the river.

  5. Congratulations on the licence - will so useful especially with the children. I'm a little jealous of your access to a good library. I'll have settle for Kindle Unlimited, but it's never the same, is it?
    Have a equally wonderful May, Ramya.

  6. Congratulations on your driving licence! i hear you on library, it's like a new world opening up. And wish you good luck with all the positive changes in life!

  7. Congratulations on your driving licence! must be a great feeling. I hear you on the library, it's like a new world opening up. ENjoy all the positives in life.

  8. That was a nice read, Mahathi. Congrats on your DL, library membership and travel plans.

  9. Wow on the license. Do you know I cleared the test, got one but I am too scared to drive? :(
    where are you planning to travel? Tell us more. Good that you got access to a library. Always a happy thing. honey, lemon and warm water helps to lose weight - let me know if you notice changes. :)
    Have a lovely, May!

  10. Lovely that you are planning a summer trip back to nature.I have too.Enjoy the new driving license and drive safe

  11. wow ! sweet and short post, loved the quote and driving a car is a dream; to have easy access for books and a place to visit is a blessing. I am walking and have made changes in my diet and managed to shed a few kilos:)

  12. Congrats for your driving license. Drive safe, dear. Let yourself drowned in pool of books.


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