07 April, 2017

How to Recreate Traditional Gifts this Holiday Season?

The year is filled with gift giving occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. There are also events like births and weddings that spring up, and of course, the year ends with the gift-giving holiday season. It can all be enough to make anyone completely run out of fresh ideas when it comes to gift giving. Perhaps the solution isn’t in finding new types of gifts as much as it is in finding creative ways to present the item.
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Do you have a friend that loves to collect, but you can’t imagine handing them another snowman, cat, or whatever their collection might be? Don’t be afraid to continue the tradition. Simply give it more creatively. For example, many people collect precious moment or willow tree figures found from retailers like Hallmark. Make the new piece the center of a basket. Paint the basket with a coordinating color, and fill it with related items. This could be candy, small picture frames, t-shirts or any number of other similar things.
Source: www.pixaby.com


Fresh flowers make a wonderful gift, but they can seem a bit cliché. Try spicing them up a bit with imaginative ways of presenting them. Pick something to use as a vase that they can continue to use after the flowers are gone. Send a cup and saucer filled with miniature roses to the tea drinker and a mug of carnations to the coffee lover. Include a gift card to an area coffee shop as an extra bonus, and the gardener in your life will treasure a watering can filled with blossoms.



One can never go wrong with the gift of food. If you are tired of the usual plate of cookies at Christmas, try filling a cookie jar instead. Cakes can be given on a covered cake plate, and a bread box filled with homemade breads and jams would be a wonderful treat. You could also shrink wrap a cutting board piled with crackers, cheese, and a slicer. Instead of giving a typical box of candy, give them a covered crystal dish filled with wrapped candies.

Use any of these suggestions to turn traditional gifts into something new and amazing. You may even think of some fresh new ideas of your own. Remember to be creative, and the next gift you give will be extraordinary.

So, how do you like recreating a traditional gift ? Do let me know in comments.

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  1. Good ideas.
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