17 January, 2018

Being Happy and feeling happy #QuotedStories

Many people are confused about what makes them happy. Some are bored with their routine lives of work, kids, planning for next day and so on. Some misunderstand that happiness is associated with luxury, power, and money. But, after getting all these also, happiness is not guaranteed. A few find happiness by helping others and making someone smile. A few find happiness in their family's happiness. Some find happiness in their hobbies and some in their passion for work.

Where do you find happiness? Did you think through what makes you happy? 

I think about it sometimes and I found following make me happy:

1. Being positive
Even though we have problems, if we can feel positivity and hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and move forward, it makes us happy. Of course, this is the hardest part when we have a lot of problems and are facing many failures and are completely off the track. But, we have to try. I try to keep my positive spirit in those tough situations. Facing challenges and coming out successfully gives happiness.

2. Being grateful 
Being grateful helps me to be happy. Appreciating every little thing in my life and counting my blessings make me happy.

Ex: I am happy -
  • when my toddler completes his lunch without me running behind him for hours to feed.
  • If I need not cook for that day :-)
  • If I get some house help from my family
  • If I get time to read a good book
  • If I could meet or talk to an old friend etc.,

3. Making others smile
Sometimes, even a small gesture and a kind word can bring a smile on others' face. Helping other moms to engage their kids makes me happy as I know how frustrated moms will be the whole day managing the kids without anyone's help. Striking a casual conversation after a long time with a friend will bring a smile to the friend. Indulging kids in chocolate/ ice cream once in a while and doing some naughty things along with them is more fun.

4. Activities that bring happiness
I love drawing, making crafts, meeting friends, dancing, traveling and writing. There are some activities which relax us and bring out our creativeness. What do you love to do? Explore a lot of activities, try and decide which activity you enjoy. Start practicing that activity at least once a month to start with.

5. Letting go of bad
I am not very good at forgiving people but I keep my space from negative people. I don't try to take revenge or hurt them but I want to go away from them. Forgetting past problems and remembering only the lessons the bad incidents gave us is really a boon. I am still trying to learn it. Someday, I might succeed. If we can forget negative incidents, learn from failures and forgive someone who has done bad to us, we are really in the ideal case.

In conclusion, I choose happiness and I feel, I am alone responsible for my happiness. I want to be so happy that people surrounding me feel happy too. As we know that a smile is contagious, can we make happiness also contagious?

Until next time,

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