06 July, 2018

My Gratitude List for June 2018 #GratitudeCircle

June is my birthday month. So, usually, it will be all fun and happy every year. Moreover, I met my parents and sister after a long time, which calls for more happiness and celebration.

I have imbibed a new philosophy in my life. Here it is..

While forgiving is not easy for me, Forgetting is a bliss. I forget many things from the past and so, it is easy to forget something which hurt in the past. But, I cannot forgive anyone easily. I can only isolate myself from those people and try not to hurt them from my words. But, it is not easy for me to forgive them wholeheartedly. Maybe someday, I will be there. 

Appreciating the little things in our life and being thankful are the initial steps that we can take to make our life happy. Won't you agree?

I am grateful to :

1. Mangoes
You might laugh at this one but I never loved mangoes so much in my life until I missed them for 2 years in the USA. We used to get some mangoes in the USA but not as good as the ones that we get in India. Myself and my kids literally indulged in the sweetness of this seasonal fruit :-)

2. Shirdi Trip
From childhood, this is the only trip that we used to take every year with the family and enjoy the family time together. We didn't visit any other place nearby other than Shirdi since it was tough to travel with kids.  Anyways, we visited all the nearby places like Ajanta, Ellora, Nasik, Trayambakeshwar etc., in our earlier visits. 

3. A visit to our dance school
I have met our dance and music teacher after many years. I also danced Kuchipudi trying to remember the dance steps that I learned 15 years ago. It made me really happy that I could remember 70% of it. We have also visited one of our old family friends.

4. Meeting my old friends
Fortunately, I could meet my school and college mates as they were on town at the same time. Meeting their children and knowing about their families and jobs was just an awesome experience.

5. Aksharabyasam Pooja
We did Aksharabhyasam pooja to our younger one at our in-laws' house. I am happy that the kid didn't irritate much during pooja and cooperated well to write his first words on the slate. This is the first step to learning and gaining knowledge as per our tradition. 

How did you find last month? What are you thankful for? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Happy birthday in advance! My last month was super busy with us having our second bundle of joy!

    1. Congratulations Danny. Thanks for the wishes.

  2. Looks like you had a good June with India trip and eating mangoes! 😀 Forgive and forget - I’m the other way around, I can forgive if asked for forgiveness that is but I cannot forget.
    Wish you a happy July!

  3. Mahathi I rarely forget but with time I almost forgive. I love Mangoes too and my hubby's family have a mango orchard.Y ou must visit me one day.


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