22 October, 2018

11 Ways to make Long Term Travel Affordable - A Guest Post from Shipra

I am glad to welcome Shipra Aggarwal to my blog to share some tips on making the long-term travel more affordable.

People usually put their traveling desires on hold because they believe that traveling could be expensive. They think that it will take away all their savings and spending savings on desires instead of necessities is not preferred in our Indian society. Nowadays plane tickets, hotel reservations, and restaurants are becoming costly, so there is no wonder why people think travel is not obtainable.

But there is another side of the coin also. This thing is that travel can be very cheap & affordable if the people are ready to open their minds and change the way of their thinking. If you are ready to change your way of thinking and are willing to think of those travel options that you haven’t think before. 

Here are some of the options that you should consider that will change your way of thinking and make your travel affordable.

Planning is must

Before going to any place for travel, it is necessary to do proper planning. From air tickets to your accommodation, & places to explore, everything should be planned. If you will not do any planning, then definitely you will spend a lot and there are chances you will also use the cash that you kept for the emergency purpose. So, instead of spending unnecessarily on anything, make a plan and spend wisely.

Don’t spend without Budget

After planning for the travel, the next step comes your budget. Your budget should contain all your expenses but within the limit. It should cover all the expense for your necessities. Don’t use all your savings instead try to save money by taking wise steps. Always keep some cash for an emergency such as any kind of medical expense. 

Credit Card

If you are planning to travel for long-term, obviously you will need money and you will carry a credit card. While choosing for the credit card, always choose that card gives you maximum benefits on international transactions such as SBI Elite. This card has a very nominal international transaction fee of 1.99%. So, using a card can be beneficial instead of that card which has a huge transaction fee. Also, look out for the other benefits of the card in terms of reward points and discounts whether on booking tickets or on shopping.

Choose your travel destination wisely

You would like to travel all around the world. But there are many places in the world where traveling can burn a hole in your pocket despite all planning. So, choose a destination which is cheap in all aspects such as accommodation, daily needs items, travel expenses and many more. Choose that country where you can reach easily, comfortably, and with less money. Always go to any place in the offseason. If you will plan to go in the tourist season, you will be spending more than your budget.

Booking air tickets

If you want to go on a long-term travel, it would be better to book your air tickets well in advance. By doing this you will air tickets cheaper and it is possible that you might get some discounts. Try to book tickets months before your travel. Don’t make the foolishness of booking tickets near your travel date as it might cost you many times costly than usual rates. If there are any other means of transport for going at your chosen travel destination which is cheaper than air tickets, then go for that option. You can use the credit card that can give you benefit in booking air tickets like discounts or reward points such as Yatra SBI Card. It gives you the discount of Rs 4000 on all your air tickets booking on minimum spending of Rs 40000. It also gives you 6x reward points on every Rs 100 spend on international spending. You will have to explore all the options before deciding which one to use.

Rent out your place

When you are going for 3 to 6 months, then it is obvious that you must be staying in the place where you are going. So, if you will rent out your own house for that period of time, you can earn money from the rent of that house. This money can be used in your travel.

Go for cheap accommodation

If you are staying at a place for long-term, then costly hotels will not be the right choice for you. So, it would be better if you will stay at a cheaper place such homestays or take the house on minimum rent of someone who has also gone for long travel like you. Avoid taking accommodation near any tourist destination since it will be costly. Choose your place of stay where public transport & all necessities are available. Your accommodation shouldn’t be in the middle of the city as it will costly again and not too far away from the city as that will not be safe.

Cook yourself

Instead of spending lavishly on fine dining, make arrangements for self-cooking. As you have to stay for a long time, it will cheap and beneficial for you. Consider yourself as a local person of that place and live like them. 

Cheap Transportation

Always use cheap transportation such as local bus, auto or local train instead of going through cabs everywhere. There all will be cheaper for you and you will able to know that place more closely.

Earn & spend

Although you can’t do a job, you can do some freelancing so that there must be a regular income source. It will not only keep you in touch with your work but also help in meeting your expenses.

Minimum Stuff

While going on for a long-term travel avoid taking more stuff that would become difficult for you to carry. Avoid heavy baggage and big bags. Instead, go for cabin bags as you can carry them easily. Don’t stuff your bag too much. You buy things from that place also where you are going if it is cheaper there.

So, by considering the above-mentioned points and changing your thinking way a little bit, you can save a lot of money and enjoy your travel in the best possible manner. What do you say?

About the Author :

Shipra Aggarwal

Shipra is a personal finance writer, working with a prominent News Daily in Chandigarh. She has the experience of over 3 years in the BFSI industry and she loves to share her experience with the users by giving them in-depth knowledge of personal finance.

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