25 October, 2018

Why Mother Sparsh natural water wipes are better than any other baby wipes

When a baby enters this world from the mother’s womb, her/his skin is delicate like a flower. When I held my son immediately after the delivery, I was scared that something might happen to my baby if not properly handled. The babies’ skin is very soft and sensitive. I think every mother might have gone through this feeling when dealing with their infant for the first time/ during the first month of the baby.
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The baby is protected in the mother’s womb from all pollution and harmful effects of the environment. At birth, baby’s skin is very thin and can be easily damaged. The top layer of the baby’s skin called Vernix is a protective layer and acts like a moisturizer which protects them from infections. Over the first month, the skin of the baby matures and forms a protective barrier. Premature babies’ skin might be more delicate.

That is the reason, new moms must take care while choosing the baby soap, moisturizer and everything they select for the baby which is in direct contact with baby’s skin. We usually should select a mild, non-fragrance soap or wash for the bath. We should carefully choose a moisturizer which has natural contents. Due to the delicate skin, doctors advised me at that stage (after my delivery) not to wash my baby’s skin more and use natural, non-fragrant wipes to clean the bottom part during the diaper change. Doctors also suggested me to use a soft clean cloth if we cannot get natural alcohol-free wipes. The fragrance/ alcohol content in baby wipes might irritate the baby and make the infant’s skin drier.

At that time, I was looking for natural wipes without alcohol content and which were fragrance-free. We get a lot of baby wipes in the market which are fragrance-free and soft, but finding a wipe made with natural ingredients is tough. Diaper rash is the most common concern for newborn babies and so, choosing a wipe which doesn’t irritate their skin is a challenge.

We didn’t have natural water-based wipes during that time. But now I am happy that moms can use  Mother Sparsh – India’s first water-based wipes brand.

Baby’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than adult skin. Moreover, we clean our baby’s delicate skin more than 10 times a day. Ordinary baby wipes used for cleaning have harsh chemicals which may deplete the top delicate layer of their skin. These harmful chemicals might be present in the fabric/ingredients of the usual baby wipes. So, the best option is to use cotton and water or the water-based wipes.

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are chemically proven to prevent diaper rash and they are made with 100% plant-based fabric. Now, the new mothers know better what to choose for their baby’s skin. You can purchase the water-based baby wipes on Amazon/ First cry and many other famous retailers.

Now, I don’t have any infants at my home to take care, but I suggest all new moms to try these water-based wipes and see the results. When in doubt, take the flame test. What do you say?

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PS: I am glad to be working with my sponsor Mother Sparsh to share these details with you all.

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