06 September, 2018

Can your Baby wipes pass the Flame Test ?

Baby wet wipes are a very important product in baby care as we use them in direct contact with baby's skin. So, of course, all moms are very cautious while choosing the right baby wipes which are gentle on the skin. But, Unfortunately, baby wipes are toxic and not easily degradable. Most of the wet wipes are made with plastic resins like polyester. Thus, they are not like normal paper tissue that can be flushed into the toilet.

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Why are the toxic chemicals added to wet wipes?

The Baby wipes should smell good/ pleasing and they should stop spreading of bacteria, right? Chemicals are added to take care of these qualities. The major ingredient in the fabric of wet wipes is 'Polyester', which is used in the manufacturing of pipes and wires. 

Some baby wipes might have a high amount of Polyester in the fabric whereas, a few might have less. More or less, but the impact is not ignorable. When the fabric has a good amount of Polyester / plastic resins in it, it is harsh to the baby's delicate skin and might lead to allergies.

How do we know if the wet wipes have plastic in it? Here comes the "Flame test" into the picture.

I know, the concerned mothers would love to try this simple experiment on the baby wipes that they regularly use. 

Flame Test:

Ingredients we need:

  • A Candle
  • Matchbox
  • Wet wipe to try

Procedure to test:

1. Light the candle with a matchbox.

2. Dry the wet wipe slightly so that it can burn easily.
3. Hold one edge of the wipe near the flame.


1. If the smell of the fabric while burning is similar to the smell of burning plastic, it means the baby wipes have more percentage of 'Polyester' in it.

2. If the smell of fabric is like the burning of a tissue or paper, then the wipe might be made with natural fabric and it might not have 'polyester' in it.

3. Another factor to consider is the fabric after it's burnt. If we can see hard lump/ hard black residue after burning instead of ash, it means that the wipe contains 'polyester' in it.

4. If the fabric burns to ash powder, it is 100% natural fabric without polyester in it.

The Flame test is very simple, right? So, go ahead moms to check how safe the baby wipes are that you use to your infants.

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Mother Sparsh Baby wipes

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So, do try the Flame test on your wipes and let me know what you found out. Better be safe now than never. What do you say, moms?

Until next time,

PS: I am really happy to work with this sponsor Mother Sparsh today, to share you all the details of Flame test for baby wipes.   

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