11 September, 2018

Gratitude List for Aug 2018 #GratitudeCircle

August was more of a settling back time after India trip. The trip was exhausting and so, I completely spent the month with fewer action items and more rest. I have continued dance classes but reduced my workload. But, cleaning the house and preparing the kids and myself for the new school year took a lot of energy. Overall, a good transition month to the routine life.

I have found that appreciating whatever little we have and being thankful will help in our happiness. What do you say? With this thought, let me go through my gratitude list for the month of August.

1. Our Flight trip

It was very difficult traveling with 2 kids. I am grateful that my kids were well behaved in the airports when I had to run through the gates, transits, and trains. Even though my kids were tired, cranky and were not eating proper meals on the flights, we could get through the trip without missing a flight/ without any inconvenience. I am very grateful for this flight journey from India.

2. No Jetlag

It was surprising that I didn't have any jet lag after the trip. The reason might be that I was over excited to be back and get ready for the new school year for my kids. We did most of the school shopping ahead and so, the transition was easy. Since I didn't have much jet lag, I could unpack all things early.

3. Pooja, potluck, and parties

There was a lot of gathering happened in August and one potluck with friends. So, I met many people and talked to friends for a long time.  I have attended a few concerts too both music and dance which were relaxing. Within 2 weeks after coming from India, we celebrated 'Varalakshmi Vratham'. Here is my post about this festival on Raising world children's e-magazine. 

4. New students and new beginnings

A few new students joined the classes and of course, I became busy, But it was fun to teach new children. My younger son joined his preschool this year and I was surprised about how happy he went to the school. He sure is enjoying his time at school while I am enjoying 2 hrs of free time for myself. I am grateful that this transition is smooth without him crying and me becoming emotional.

5. Winning prize and grabbing a few sponsored posts

This is a good time for my blog. Do you know the Parenting, Pinterest and Productivity blogger Shaliaja V?  By pure chance of luck, I won a Pinterest free course from her in May and then, again I have won $25 Amazon gift card for her blog anniversary Giveaway. Feeling lucky :-)
I also got some opportunities to work for a few brands for sponsored posts. I am loving the blogging journey so far. 

This was about my August. What were you grateful for in August? 

Until next time,

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