25 September, 2018

Orange hues and spooky decor #TheFallSeason

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This time of the year is a lovely time. I love morning walks watching those leaves changing to bright yellows and oranges and then reds. 

Orange hues and Spooky Decor #TheFall

Technically, leaves are showing their true color this season as they couldn't produce chlorophyll due to lack of sunlight. Without chlorophyll production, there is no gree color and so, the actual color of the leaves comes out.
A view from Gondola at Vermont
A view from Gondola at Vermont
A drive through Aspen

The Fall colors
The Fall Colors

In one way, nature tells us that " You are beautiful how you are within". Isn't it?

A morning

It's amazing to see the lovely colors in the fall season. Even when the leaves fall, they look beautiful. Other than the color of leaves, I love watching the spooky decor that people put outside their houses for Halloween in the USA. This post is a photo post of my Fall memories. Enjoy the virtual trip!
Halloween Decor
Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor
Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor
Halloween Decor

 A drive during the fall season
A drive during the fall season
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New England Region

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