16 September, 2018

5 Easy Sewing projects for Kids

I am not very good at sewing. But, I love sewing, embroidery and other creative works that we can do with fabric. 

Do you want to introduce young kids to sewing? Are you looking for some super simple projects for your kids? Then, read this. 

I suggest 5 easy and fun sewing projects especially for kids below 7-year-old.

Easy Sewing projects for kids

Buttons on socks :

Sewing buttons with the hand is the most basic project that we can introduce to kids. What do you say? 

We can take some old socks, take some buttons, color them to suit the socks and let them sew them with needle and thread. We can teach a simple cross stitch to make between the holes and tell them to repeat until they get it properly.

Stuffed Animals:

We can fill the socks with rice/ sand and tell them to stitch around to make a lovely stuffed animal. Explore different colors and choose a cute and bright colored sock for it. This can be used as a sensory play toy also. 

check this cute project if you want to go further and enhance it.

Fun Sewing projects for kids
PC: www.pixabay.com


This is simple, right? Try sewing a pillowcase for a square pillow, which is easier. Take 2 cloths, measure them with pillow size, cut into 2 squares and just use a simple stitch to sew around. Voila! Kids are happy with this simple project and they get to use it too. What say?

Sewing projects for kids, Pillowcase
PC: www.pexels.com

Placemats :

It's not that tough to prepare a nice placemat for your dinner table. 

You just need oilcloth and a lining fabric with vibrant patterns. You can also sew a pocket to insert paper napkins. Follow this detailed tutorial from Jen to try.

Reversible headbands :

Fancy and simple headbands are very useful and easy to sew. Follow this tutorial from Jessica to try the headband. 

You need a good fabric and elastic to prepare this one. This headband works in reverse direction as well, which is cool.

Easy sewing projects for kids
PC: www.pixabay.com

Not sure on how to start sewing and which sewing machine is good? Here is a beginner's guide.

So, how do you like these projects? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

PS: This post is sponsored. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about sewing projects for kids.


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