29 January, 2019

Strong Roots Have No Fear by Aditi Wardhan Singh - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : Strong Roots Have No Fear
 Author: Aditi Wardhan Singh
Genre: Parenting, Children & Family Law
Publisher : Raising World Children LLC
Source : From Amazon Kindle

This book provides you with a simple framework within which you can raise your little ones to grow into empowered thought leaders in our constantly evolving multicultural world. If we raise our children with a culturally aware mindset, we need not fear the future.

What you find in this book -

The confidence to be intuitive as a parent.
Timeless strategies for a confident mindset
An honest look into mindful living.
A global outlook for your multicultural family.
How to be culturally sensitive and rooted within self.

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My Review :

I am not a fan of nonfiction but this book seemed interesting to me.

The good thing about this book is it talks about children and their behavior in a practical way with examples. I can very much relate to the author when she says she cried in childhood whenever her mother asked her to perform on stage. I did that too and now my kid does too. I know the benefit I got when my parents encouraged me to perform on stage at an early age. Now, after these many years, I don't feel scared to perform on stage even if the audience is a big crowd.

I think the below line from the book says it all. This is what we want from our children. Isn't it?

Kids making sound decisions when not around parents is what matters. And that comes from us being with them even when we are not.

The chapter on imbibing multilingualism has a lot of tips on how to raise multilingual kids and why it is important for them.

I liked the chapter on how to ignite curious learning in children.

There is a chapter full of tips on how to limit Technology usage, limit screen time etc., which I think is useful for all parents in this generation.

I liked this quote about gender equality:
When your kids see you and your partner having a relationship with equal standing, they know their place in their own relationships.

Some of the tips that I found helpful as a parent are about celebrating diversity, easy travel with kids, understanding different cultures, handling emergency situations etc.,

A few lines from the book that I liked:

The Secrets Lie Within Our Own Childhood

Children are blank pieces of colored paper that we create timeless art on.

Take advise from every person you meet, if you will but make sure to adapt it to your little one’s personality.

A working parent does not clock out of parenthood. Stay at home parents don’t sit at home drinking wine while the kids watch TV.

Let them enjoy their childhood. Enjoy it with them. Breathe in every moment.

The best lessons are learned in the simplest of life’s messy, unplanned moments.

My Rating: 5/5

I recommend this book for all parents who love to read some practical tips on parenting.

About the Author:
Aditi is an authoritative voice on cultural sensitivity and empowerment. Featured on CBS and NBC, she is the founder of the RWC magazine encouraging other voices like hers to come forth to create unique resources for parents everywhere so children can be global thought leaders. In her spare time, she enjoys choreographing recitals, volunteering and having dance parties with her two charming kids. She also writes for various well known publications like Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Richmond Family Magazine etc.

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