18 November, 2021

The Beauty of Nature

 Do you enjoy Nature? Did you try hiking in deep forests, beside waterfalls overlooking mountains, and realized the impact of it on your body and soul?

I did. I forget myself in nature. I love staying outdoors relishing the beauty of trees, lush forests, misty mountains, and wonderful beach sunsets.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels


Fortunately, I am in a mountain town. Watching the Sunrise above the snowy mountains in the morning is a beautiful feeling. 

Nature heals. Scientists have found that there is a profound impact of nature on our mental wellness. Nature can help relieve stress, relax our minds, and improve our physical,  mental, and spiritual well-being. I hope, you all get to experience the beauty of nature.

Here are a few nature pics by me which will make sure that you crave for outdoors. 

Let me know how they are! 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer and never owned a DSLR. All photos are taken from my phone - Samsung galaxy or my husband's iPhone. 

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  1. What a fabulous collection of images! Each with their own story. Your trips were amazing
    in these kind of places Thank you for sharing them!
    I wish you a lot of beautiful moments of these kind!

  2. Stunning landscapes, Ramya! What a gorgeous collection of images in your part of the world...does make me long for a trip as I've been home-bound for the past two and a half years. It must feel so amazing to see such sights and feel thoroughly rejuvenated.
    Thanks for the wishes. For the moment, it's only soaking in the lovely sky views from my balcony these days. :)

  3. These are some fabulous sceneries, Ramya! The snow covered hill is gorgeous. We don't get snow in Phoenix. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics.
    Thank you for joining fiction Monday. I didn't know that my comment didn't go through last week. Sorry about the delay. Hope to see your entry this week. :)

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  5. You have added a very beautiful collection of pictures. Looks like the photos were taken from a professional photographer.


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