01 December, 2022

Go Figure!: The astonishing science of the female body by Lisa Falco - Book Promo

 Book Details:

Title : Go Figure!: The astonishing science of the female body

Author: Lisa Falco

Genre: Woman's health

Publisher: Clink street publishing

Print length: 330 pages


The story is about a body in continuous transformation.


This book unravels the mystery surrounding women's biology and explains what is happening underneath the surface.


We all know that the female body changes cyclically every month during the reproductive years, and that it completely transforms during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. However, most of us ignore the fascinating details. What triggers those changes and what are the sometimes unexpected consequences?


The facts are as mind-blowing as entertaining. Based on the latest research, all information is presented in an easy to read manner with plenty of anecdotes; from historical prejudices to personal experiences, with some evolutionary ideas in between.

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