19 December, 2022

My Top 10 things to be grateful for in 2022

 I have stopped posting my gratitude lists being busy with much important stuff in life but I would love to try one last post in 2022 to show my gratitude. 

10 things I am grateful for in 2022:

1. Move to Texas:

Technically, we moved to Texas at the end of 2021, but we started the new year in a new place. I am grateful for the better weather, better health, and great environment. 

Initially, I was hesitant if I would like the place after coming from a scenic place. Thankfully, Austin is better than other cities in Texas. 
The rolling hills, lakes, and beautiful hikes are solace for the mind. 

Sunset Deck in Balcones Canyonlands National wildlife refuge, hike to Mt Bonnel and the scenic viewpoint, Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis, Zilker Park, Blue hole regional park in Georgetown, and holiday lights at peppermint parkway are impressive so far. Grateful for the beauty of nature and I wish for more scenic hikes in the new year.

2. Dance School and Recital:

It was painful to leave the old students from Colorado and start my dance school from scratch in Austin. But, by God's grace, this has become easy and less stressful.

Within 6 months, my dance school grew and we even did our Annual Recital! 
By the way, here is the link to our Youtube channel to watch the recital.

I am grateful for the Parents and students who trusted me even though I am new to Austin. I am happy about the recital as students could showcase whatever they learned. 

Now, it's holiday time of course. Time to relax, enjoy and replenish for the new year.

3. India Trip:

I am grateful that the India trip was not as stressful as I expected. The trip was short but we could visit all near and dear. I am happy to bring my parents along with me to the US.

Feeling blessed that all things went smoothly during the visit, especially with the extra rules after covid. 

4. Parents' visit to the US:

I feel fortunate to have brought my parents along with me. They are our moral support and a large help for 3 months. It feels like the time is running quickly and within a few months, they will return back.

These are some moments I and my family will cherish forever in the future. We could celebrate Diwali with them, and kids could learn Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, and some Telugu from them. I am grateful that I am being pampered especially by my mom. :-)

5. Learning Cypress and Javascript:

It's always the happiest feeling for me to learn a new language and implement something useful. I am grateful for my job which helped me to learn Javascript and cypress. 

Image by Dhruvil Patel from Pixabay 

I am doing a lot of experimentation and learning this year. This year has been the best year for my technical advancement. I also learned Kotlin and Appium at the beginning of the year. A few more feathers to add to my resume :-)

6. New Home:

I am grateful for the new home we bought. It's a single story as I always wished for. 

Since the house is at a bit of elevation, I enjoy the Sunrise and sunset and the views from the home every day. The Sunrise views from Patio are wonderful. The morning sunlight brings positive vibrations for the whole day.

The move is definitely stressful, but I am glad my parents are here to help. We could complete the moving at last though we were exhausted. Now, is the time to relax a bit and settle in.

7. Health:

So far, my health is great. I have to see how it goes in the future. I could join yoga on and off, but I want to focus more on yoga next year.

The weather definitely helped. With my mom's help, I could rest more, read more books and focus on my dance school.

8. Books:

I am grateful for the amazing books that I got to read this year. After coming to Austin, the first thing I searched for is the library. The library is not as great as Colorado but met my criteria.

Kids also loved the library and we read a lot of books this year including the ones from the little lending library near our home. 

I was certainly busy and couldn't publish many reviews this year, but here are some of the best books that I read in 2022:

9. Kids and School:

It is a frustrating move for our kids as they had to change schools multiple times this year. I am grateful that they could move on to a new place, and new school even though they miss their friends due to moving. 

The next year continues to be tough for them to adjust to a new school. I am grateful for understanding kids. 

10. A Long drive and a road trip:

We could go to Port Aransas this year and it's a wonderful beach vacation. Unlike our other trips, we stayed in a comfy Airbnb for all 3 days which is a walkable distance from the beach. Here is the link to Travelogue: https://www.fantasticfeathers.in/2022/09/a-perfect-weekend-getaway-from-austin.html

I am looking forward to our future trip at the end of the year. I am so excited about a long drive. Our travelogue will be up in the new year. Until then, I will be busy planning our trip. I am grateful for this holiday season and family time. 

So those are my top 10 things to be grateful for in 2022. What are you grateful for this year?

I wish you all a happy holiday season!

Until next time,

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