07 July, 2023

Lessons Learnt Until now... #BlogChatterBlogHop

Top post on Blogchatter It's no secret now that I celebrated my 40th birthday last month :-)

Aging gracefully with wisdom. 

I won't say, Age is just number as if aging doesn't impact us in anyway. Aging changes us. I see a few grey hair which are prominent now. My knees and legs pain when I dance like earlier. 

After so long, I am gaining weight easily now. I couldn't easily gain weight from childhood till 1 year ago even when I eat more. My weighing scale never changed more than 1 kg except during pregnancies. Lol! But, I have matured a lot mentally. Learned many lessons in life. I feel more confident myself than ever in my life. I have my goals clear now. 

So, here I am following the Blogchatter's prompt to share a few Lessons learnt from life.

Kindness is the King

I learned that kindness matters a lot for everyone. 

Not being judgmental, 

showing compassion, 

having empathy, 

being sensitive to matters which hurt others - I feel, all these are great qualities.

What do you think?

I believe in this - 

Help others as much as can. If you cannot, re-direct them to any other person who can help. Be patient while listening to their problems and view points. Don't expect anything in return for helping.

Slow down and be mindful

Being a working woman with 2 kids and a dance school, I was going too fast in my life. I realized, this won't work on a long term. Being ambitious is fine, but being mindful is very important.

With this rush between work, family and hobbies, I realized that  I am losing wonderful moments in my life. I am not cherishing my time with kids, I am missing out guiding them, playing with them, learning from them, observing them blah blah. So many wonderful moments to cherish and these times never come back again. 

Now a days, I enjoy hiking in the nature with family. I don't want to hurry. I want to walk, explore , discuss our ideas, ambitions and enjoy the weather and nature.

Ask for help when needed

I learned an important lesson in life that we should ask for help when needed. Be it from spouse, parents, siblings, kids, and friends. When things go unexpected and overwhelming, talk to people, share feelings and ask for help.

Even the most educated people tend to forget this fact they cannot achieve everything on by own and it's ok to ask for help. What do you think?

Health is the greatest Wealth

I learned how food, and our mind impacts our health and overall well being. I respect my body, and nourish my soul with yoga. Daily walking, yoga, food with more vegetables and fresh fruits are a part and parcel of my life.

After covid, we all realized how important is the health of ours and our family's. Won't you agree?

Until next time,

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  1. Slowing down and being mindful is a valuable lesson, allowing you to cherish precious moments and prioritize meaningful connections. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights and prompting us to reflect on these important aspects of life.

    1. Thanks Felicia. Iam glad you could relate to these lessons.


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