28 March, 2024

Everything you need to know about Total Solar Eclipse on Apr 8th, 2024

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What is Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipse happens when moon's orbit comes in between the Earth and the Sun. But, how the moon with its small size covers the big Sun? The Sun's diameter is 400 times larger than moon's, and an interesting point is the Sun is 400 times farther from the Earth. That's how on an Annual Solar Eclipse, they both appear to be of same size in the sky.

We get Annular Solar Eclipse when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. 

Image by Dave Davidson from Pixabay

What's special about Total Solar Eclipse on Apr 8th, 2024?

At this time, when moon is closer to the Earth, it appears large enough to completely block the Sun bringing a total darkness during Eclipse.

How it appears in Central Texas?

This year, Central Texas is in the path of totality, especially places like Waco, Fredericksburg will have total darkness for 4.5 mins. Whereas, Austin locals can experience total darkness for around 1 min 40 secs.

When Sun is completely blocked by Moon, temperature drops, sky becomes complete dark like it's night.

The Path of Totality is the path of moon's shadow across the Earth's surface.

Totality in Austin begins at: 1.36 Pm on Apr 8th, 2024.

The Eclipse will begin in Texas at 1.27 pm CST and end in Maine at 3.35 PM EST.

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How to Safely view the Solar Eclipse?

Watching the Sun directly during the Solar Eclipse is very dangerous for our vision. Normal Sun glasses are not enough. You need safe Solar Eclipse viewing glasses to watch the phenomena.

Another thing to pray for is the clear skies on that day. So, watch out for weather reports :-)

How Rare is the Event?

The last total Solar Eclipse happened in 2017 in USA and next visible Total Solar Eclipse to cross over to USA will come on Aug 23, 2044, according to NASA. But, 2044 one passes through Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

There will be one more in 2045 which will be accessible from California, Florida and Nevada.

So, for Texas people, this is as close as it gets in near future. :-)

So, 20 or more years for the similar event. 

If you are not in the Path of Totality or not in a position to enjoy this event safely, there is a live stream that you can watch.

What to expect during Solar Eclipse?

Initially when Moon doesn't fully cover the Sun, the Sun appears to have Crescent shape.

Image by Chris Reich from Pixabay

Shadow bands are rapidly moving dark bands separated by white spaces. They can be seen on the grounds or buildings just before and after totality.

When Moon is blocking the Sun, there will be light shining through the edges, which are called Bailey's Beads.

The most interesting of the whole event is this phase of Diamond Ring where light shines from one point like a ring on a finger.

Image by AstroGraphix_Visuals from Pixabay

Next is totality. Yay! Complete darkness in the mid of the day. We might be able to see bright stars in the sky at this point. It will be eerily silent and the air temperatures drop.

Then, gradually the brightening starts. We see Diamond ring, Bailey's beads and Shadow bands again until the entire Sun is visible.

Let's watch this once in a lifetime event safely. Here is the link to buy a 5 pack Solar Eclipse viewing glasses on Amazon to watch with family. 

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