22 June, 2015

Down the memory lane - Happy Father's day

June 21st is celebrated as Father's day, world-wide. But, I don't believe in celebrating Mother's day or Father's day. Do we need one specific day to remember our parents, appreciate them and respect them? Not needed right? Respecting parents and treating them next to GOD is taught to us from childhood. I feel, it's fortunate if we can help and support our parents after we get wings and get independent. It is because of them that we are in this position with good wealth, success and happiness. Since I don't believe in Father's day, I never celebrated it and never gifted anything to my dad on that day. I only celebrate his birthday. But, I feel, the best gift one can give to their parents is a 'Warm Hug' as everything else is material in this world.

After watching this ad, my heart filled with many old memories with my dad. I proudly say I am a Papa's girl :-) Relatives used to say that. I inherited many good habits from him - straight forwardness, dedication to work, interest in book reading etc., I also inherited some fears from my dad like lack of confidence while driving on road or talking in public, but he made me overcome those weakness by supporting and encouraging me to be an outgoing person. Yes, now I have overcome the challenge of public speaking and came out of the shell.

I remember the days when I used to hold his index finger and follow him everywhere to buy groceries, to watch movies etc. I used to be scared for every small thing and needed his reassurance - a dog on the road or a cow in the middle of the road :p, I used to stop,go back asking him to come with me when I go to dance class. Seems so funny if I think now :-) 
I used to be stubborn and cry for every small thing, I wonder, how he has put up with me. He never scolded or beaten us(me and my sis). Silent treatment is the only punishment we used to get. Sometimes, he used to put my sister and me in dark room for sometime as a punishment. He is never strict on us, so we were never afraid of our father. If there is anything that we know he won't agree, we used to discuss and sort out. 

When I grew up and entered college, he shared me his financial details, expenses at home etc., so that I can understand our financial status. I used to prepare budget, discuss on financial management with him. He was always open to new ideas and suggestions and without any ego, he used to take my thoughts. This I feel, is a very important aspect in parenting, which is rare to find in others. My job, salary, career, my marriage - we talked about all these things in detail. I am fortunate that my dad has created a friendly atmosphere for me and my sister to reach to him openly. He gave us freedom, responsibilities and trusted us that we will do better. Trust is the basic building block in a relationship, right?

On this Father's day(though, one day late in publishing this post), I pray to God to give my Father - good health, peace and happiness. I feel privileged, if I can be any service to him and make him happy.

Until next time,

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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