13 June, 2015

The Max Fresh Move!

A peppy music beat with a lovely voice and perfect steps following the rhythm! Yes, this is a lovely combination any time. Isn't it? Melodious music surely lifts our soul and relaxes us, but a peppy music and fast beat rises our spirit. This will surely energise our life.

Being a dancer, I know how a combination of good music and rhythmic dance energises us. That too.. when monsoon season is around.. Dancing in rain is soo much fun!

Whenever I dance, I forget everything in the world and it altogether takes me to a new level. Dance is not easy, it takes a lot of our effort and energy, but while dancing I never feel the pain even when I am weak. Only after the practice session is over, I realize how many calories are burnt :-)

When I watch this Colgate Max fresh ad on television I remember monsoons, rain and dance. 

Allu Arjun who acted in this ad is a Telugu hero. I am not a fan of his action, but I appreciate the energy he puts in his dance. It shows up that he works hard in practising his steps. There was one peepy song in a movie 'Arya 2' given by Devi Sree prasad 'My Love is gone'. Allu Arjun's dance moves are just perfect for the beat. 

Anushka Manchanda is a singer, model and ex VJ of Channel V. She had sung many jingles including Katrina kaif's ad on Titan Raga. I don't know much about her until I heard her latest song from Ungli - Dance Basanthi, which is quite peppy and good. Also, Na jaane song in I, me aur him is of same kind.

So, what if there is a concert in their combination - Allu Arjun and Anushka? There is a contest (#MaxFreshMove contest) to write on how this combination will energise our life. First of all, it's rare, as one is a Tollywood actor and other one is a Bollywood singer. Both can rock the show with their perfect moves and peppy voice. It's been a long time I attended some concert and definitely would love to see them together for a concert. Cool!

Variety is spice of life. Everyone has a different way to bring spice in their life and a combination of good music and dance is one of the available options. A mesmerising spa/ wonderful book/ hot cup of coffee in monsoons/ A movie with family/ an outing/ a perfect vacation, There are many ways to energise of our life and break our routine, right? What say?

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda.com. Are you?

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