06 October, 2016

Bloodwalker by Lexa Cain - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title: Bloodwalker (Dark Thriller/Mystery)
Author name: L.X. Cain
Publisher: Freedom Fox Press (Dancing Lemur Press L.L.C.)
Release date: Oct 4, 2016
Pages: 284 (84,000 words)
Source :Advanced e-review copy from the author


When Zorka Circus performs, its big top roars with laughter and cheers, but when it moves on, there are fewer children in the European towns it leaves behind.

Circus Security Chief Rurik suspects a killer is hiding among the international performers, but they close ranks—they’ve always viewed lightning-scarred Rurik as the monster. Nevertheless, he's determined to find the culprit and stop them before anyone else dies and the only place he can call home is ripped apart by the murders.

Into Zorka Circus comes the Skomori clan, despised as gravediggers and ghoulish bloodwalkers. A one-day truce allows bloodwalker Sylvie to marry. Instead, she finds a body. Alerting others will defy her clan’s strict rules, break the truce, and leave her an outcast.

When more bodies turn up, the killer's trail becomes impossible to ignore. Rurik and Sylvie must follow the clues—even if they lead to something unimaginable.

My Review:

The story runs in parallel covering the lives of Rurik and Sylvie. Rurik is a security manager of a circus which performs at different places in Europe. When he finds out that there is a killer or kidnaper of children in their circus group, he decides not to rest until he finds that person. Sylvie belongs to Skomori clan who clean and care for the dead. They are also known as bloodwalkers. When Sylvie's arranged marriage ceremony is performed at the circus, she sees something which is very supicious at circus. After her terrible marriage ends, she has to take Rurik's help to save another girl's life and also herselves from a murderer.

The mystery unfolds slowly keeping the suspense till the end. This is the positive point of this dark suspense thriller. The characterization of Rurik being a selfless person who is ready to risk his life and job for a missing girl moves us. I loved the quotes before each chapter about bloodwalkers but expected to learn more about why they care for dead. It would have been great if the author has given an epilogue on bloodwalkers. 

The concept of the book is amazing and the treatment is perfect. It went dragging for sometime just before the climax with chases and all, otherwise climax is very sweet. You will know after reading the book why I said the climax is sweet ☺

I am very glad that I received ARC from the author. I would recommend this to all mystery and dark suspense lovers. This is fast paced so you won't get bored for sure ☺.

My Rating:

Ps:  I have received a free review copy from the author in exchange of an honest review and this is my unbiased opinion on the book.

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