11 November, 2016

Karthika Masam - An Auspicious month for Telugu people #NaBloPoMo #day12

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'Karthika Masam' which comes after Deepavali festival is considered a very auspicious month in Telugu household. This month starts the winter season and it comes in November as per English Calendar. 


We worship Lord Shiva and Vishnu in this month. It is said that Lord Vishnu wakes up from sleep on Karthika Sudha Ekadasi. Also, there is a legend that Lord Shiva has killed Rakshasas called 'Tripurantakas' on Karthika Poornima.

Akasha Deepam

Usually, devotees follow a vegetarian diet and light Aakasha deepam (a lamp lighted with ghee made from cow's milk) on sunset every day either at home near Tulasi plant or at Lord Shiva's temple. 

Karthika Deepam

We also light a lamp with 365 wicks in the temple or at home near Tulasi plant on Karthika Poornima. A few devotees perform abhishekams at Shiva temples. Many devotees observe fasting on mondays, especially on Nagulachavithi, Ekadasi and Poornima. 


Vana Bhojanalu

Vana Bhojanalu is a tradition that we follow in this month. This means we eat food together with family and friends under trees, especially under amla tree. This might be a tradition our elders followed to respect nature. There are many scientific benefits of all these traditions of course. 

Fasting boosts the immune system. Since Tulasi plant is famous for its' medicinal benefits, lighting a lamp daily and worshipping it for sometime prevents bacterial diseases. 

We used to visit Sri Sailam temple this time of the year, though we cannot go this time as we are away from home. It is a fantastic place to visit in this month, though crowded. You can read about our trip here

So, Do you also observe any rituals and traditions in this month? Please do share in comments.

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  1. Karthika Masam begins from Aaswayuja sukla pournami up to one month. In this Month Lord Shiva and Maha Vishnu are worshipped and prayed.
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