24 February, 2017

My trip to Adele by RI Alyaseer, AI Alyaseer - [Book Review]

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Book Details:
Title: My trip to Adele
Authors: RI Alyaseer, AI Alyaseer
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Length of the book: 200 pages
Source: A free e-review copy from the author through onlinebookclub.org

An Adele concert held in Verona becomes the focus for an unhappy married couple, a divorced mother and a devoted lover from three different countries and cultures.

This is the story of three flawed but likeable people. First up is Elias, a Moroccan man living in Rome. He discovers that a black magic spell was cast upon him but starts to doubt whether it was the real cause of the break-up between him and his long-lost love Malika. He decides to search for her in the shadows of Marrakesh after eight years of separation. 

Nadia, a single mother from Jordan, is battling her ex-husband in the courts and doing all she can to secure freedom for herself and her only son. Her dream is to take her son to see his idol, Adele, live.
Finally, Yaser, a married man living in Las Vegas, realizes that his marriage is crawling all over him like a slow, painful death, so he starts to rebel against his wife. While faith initially brought them together, it is now causing them to drift apart. 

These three characters are on a journey to break free of everything that has haunted them, learning harsh truths about fate, religion, courage, desire and guilt along the way.

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My Review:

The story is about 3 different people - a man searching for his love after 8 years, a lady with his son leading an independent life after divorcing her abusive husband and a couple trying to sort out their marriage problems are connected to a climax of their wish to attend a concert by a famous singer Adele. Even though this is a translated book to English, I didn't see any nativty issues to understand the story. I liked the way places and cultures are briefed in the story especially the Moroccan culture which is new to me.

I liked the story, it's different and sensible. The authors' writing style is easy to follow with proper emotions. The characterization is very good and all the three stories are unique. I liked Nadia more than anyone and the Author has expressed great views on marriage and relationships through her character. The character of Elias also touches our heart for his genuine love and the innocence of Malika seems amazing.

The cover of the book is average and I felt, it is not very appealing.

When it comes to the way all the stories are combined at the end, it is really written very well. The characterization is a plus for this book. I loved the way the author has moved between stories with ease without creating confusion to the readers. At the end, each story has a beautiful message.

I cannot pinpoint on what I don't like but the climax for malika's part is disappointing. I expected more clarity in the ending of Yasir's story.

My Rating : 3/ 4

PS: I have received the book from the author in exchange of a review and this is my honest opinion. 

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