04 July, 2017

Gratitude List for June 2017 #GratitudeCircle

Here comes my birthday month. What is special? Everything is :-)

June month started with my close friend's visit, some nature tours, fun time and of course my birthday celebration. I couldn't read as many books as I wanted to as I traveled more in this month. I enjoyed taking my kids to library, park and swimming classes.

My Gratitude List:

1. A visit from my old friend: We met after 12 years I think, I don't remember exactly. It is such a nice feeling to chat with a friend wholeheartedly. It is surprising that life changes a lot after college.

2. Travel, Travel, and Travel: It's great that I could travel a lot this month. Traveling is addictive and now I want to enjoy outdoors every weekend. We could visit a national park, a waterfall, enjoy a boat ride and train ride to the peak of the summit. More travelogues on the way in my blog, of course.
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3. My Birthday : My kids are more excited than me to cut the cake. We celebrate birthdays for kids these days. The carrot cake was awesome and I indulged a lot and pampered myself with the treat. Couldn't go to any temple on that day but I feel grateful to God for my family.
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4. Daily walks: I was never an early riser in my life and didn't  see many sunrises :-) Surprisingly, I started waking up at 6.15 am and walking with friends daily. It is fun and I remember the days when I used to walk miles with my dad in childhood. I feel active too in the morning.
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5. Should there be a fifth point? No, I guess. Not mandatory. So, I skip.

How did June treat you all? Happy July :-)

Until next time,

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  1. Belated happy birthday:)
    Those are some lovely things listed to be thankful for!
    Travelling is so good!

  2. You had an interesting July with lots of travel, celebrations and morning rituals. Great going. Here's wishing you a fabulous July, Mahathi! Cheers!

  3. Done all of this in June, Ramya, so i'm nodding with you in agreement. Nothing like a friend to cheer us up or a birthday to bring in happiness, blessings and positive vibes from all around. Daily walks make you happy and traveling is always special. Wishing you an awesome July!

  4. Happy Birthday for days away! I hope July is as good to you as June was! A nation of grumblers

  5. Did we miss your birthday, Ramya? Sorry about that! Wishing you an interesting July.

  6. Belated birthday wishes, Ramya. Oh .... morning walks will do wonderful things on you. And I'm sure about it. Happy July 2017 !!!


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