08 July, 2017

Lucky me :-) #FridayReflections

Hard work plays an important role in life but Luck is a differentiating factor when we compare our lives with others. A few people are not happy with what they have and they think, it's due to bad luck, whereas, a few are contended with what they have and they consider themselves lucky. I belong to the later category. We cannot completely rule out the luck factor but our life turns out better or worse based on how we respond to life's twists and turns.
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From childhood, I always felt I was lucky. It might be due to the fact that I never had to work very hard to achieve anything in my life. It doesn't mean that there were no tribulations in the past, but I enjoyed the journey so far and learned a lot of lessons from mistakes.

I felt lucky when...

  • My parents gave me enough freedom
  • I completed my education with distinction.
  • My married life is happy
  • I enjoyed my work
  • I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered healthy kids.
  • I am able to pursue my hobbies
  • I am able to achieve my ambitions
I end this post with this simple quote.

Until next time,

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  1. I totally agree when you say,'Our life turns out better or worse based on how we respond to life's twists and turns.'

    But, my take on believing this is slightly different. I know I need to work hard and respond (to any situation) wisely because I am almost sure that my luck won't be helpful. :)

    1. Your perspective is also great Tarang. It makes us believe in ourselves.

  2. I do believe that we make our luck, but I love how perspective and attitude can make you think you are lucky. Great concept, Ramya.

  3. We are lucky, I think, for the families we are born into, because we can't control that at all. But, almost everything else is not luck. Attitude and the way we react to everything that happens in our lives makes such a difference. Perhaps some call that luck - I don't.

    1. Ofcourse, we are lucky to be born in our families.

  4. I have always believed I'm luckier than most people. Not that I haven't had anything bad happen to me but most things have turned out to be blessings in disguise. You're right, though, one's persecutive can make a world of difference to the way we view our lives.

  5. I too feel lucky for my life as a whole ..... enjoyed reading your post, Ramya !!!

    1. Good for you Vasantha. Stay blessed.

  6. Like you, I have also felt that I have been relatively lucky in my life - with my family, friends, spouse, health. We all have so much to be thankful for, yet we take most of these things for granted. This was such a positive post to read. :)


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