16 October, 2017

The treasured memories of Diwali

There are four festivals I remember enjoying in my childhood. Ugadi (Telugu new year), Sankranthi (harvest festival), Vinayaka Chavithi  and Deepavali (Festival of lights). There are many other festivals too like Dussehra, Varalakshmi vratham, Krishnashtami, Maha shivaratri, Nagula chavithi, Karthika Poornima etc., but the four festivals that I mentioned have complete family participation. We celebrated them together as a family and they were not meant for only pooja.

I have lots and lots of memories associated with Deepavali from childhood. Now, being in another country, this is the time I mostly miss my home and our country.

"We didn't realize we were making Memories, we just knew we were having fun." - Unknown

Diyas, Candles, and Light
We used to buy diyas (pramidalu) made of clay before Diwali, light them and place them on Diwali night at every corner of the house both outside and inside. 'Deepavali' (in Telugu) means an array of lights. Our houses will be glowing on Diwali nights with beauty and light. We, as kids used to help our mother in arranging these diyas and ensuring that oil is refilled at the right time for them to glow continuously.
Flower rangoli with candles

We used to love firecrackers as children. Our uncle used to buy the longest sparkler so that we aren't afraid to hold it while it's burning. We used to put a bucket of water to dispose of used crackers then and there. I love flower pots and Ground chakras more than anything. I never liked the noise of 1000 walas but the beauty of the light that crackers generate is pleasing to the eyes.

Fireworks - Flower pots

After my marriage, I started a tradition of making a big colorful rangoli on Diwali evening to decorate it with flowers and lighted diyas. I used to spend 1 to 2 hrs on rangoli but always enjoyed that time. My kids help me now in decorating rangoli with flowers. I used to buy scented candles and floating candles to decorate for Diwali. I don't like the electric array of lights but I am crazy about different types of candles.
Rangoli made by me

Diya Painting
I started painting the clay diyas from last 4 years and I enjoy doing it with my older son (6 years).  Sometimes, we both used to paint diyas with acrylic paints and gift them to relatives and friends or just use them at our home on Diwali.
Basic Diya painting

I am not a foodie, so I don't enjoy indulging in sweets but my mother used to prepare 'bobbatlu' for Diwali, which I love the most. Sometimes, she used to cook 'Gulab Jamun' too and tamarind rice. After my marriage, I tried Gulab jamun but couldn't prepare to my satisfaction. We used to buy dry fruits and sweets (Motichoor laddu) to gift to our friends and relatives on Diwali. I think preparing and distributing sweets is an inherent part of this festival.
juicy gulab jamun Pc:www.pixabay.com

So, that was from my treasured memories of Deepavali festival.  How do you celebrate Diwali?
I wish all my readers a very happy and safe Diwali.

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  1. Your rangoli pic has reminded me to get flowers for mine as well; I ususally am alone on Diwali so I tend to clean the house- burn loads of incense and make a rangoli outside my house with colours and flowers - shall post my pics too!
    I will be making halwa puri for myself for dinner that day and for gifting I ususally bake cranberries and oats cookies- shall be making them this time too!
    Loved reading how you are keeping the traditions alive for your kids to learn and treasure them too!!!

    1. Cranberry and oat cookies sound interesting Shalz ☺

  2. Festivals make me nostalgic and I miss home the most, even now after years and years of being away. We have so many memories to cherish

  3. This post made me do time travel. We try to follow the traditions and rituals we saw as kids, but it's not the same. But Diwali is the festival that is closest to my heart and am hoping to make some more beautiful memories this year as well. A very happy Diwali to you and your family, Mahathi. ♥

    1. Thanks Shilpa. Diwali has special place in my heart.

  4. I enjoy and celebrate diwali with colorful rangoli's and lighting up house with those beautiful Diya's. I tend to stay away from crackers be it any celebration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy Diwali to you and your family too. I have lot of fond memories of Diwali especially the shopping. But it is during Onam when I miss having the family around.

  6. I admit to being afraid of firecrackers! The clay pots look beautiful! It's great to make happy memories!

  7. I used to celebrate my Diwali with Home made sweets , rangoli, presents , new clothes and family get togethers. However since my children have left Home it’s very low key... almost like every other day

  8. It's wonderful that you are creating new memories with you family now. The rangoli is awesome!

  9. Lovely Quote Ramya..and so apt
    I loved reading your Diwali memories. Festivals means togetherness. Thanks for linking up.

  10. I am not usually gung-ho about celebrating festivals, but Diwali is an exception. I go out of my way to try & make it special.

    Loved your flower rangoli, and painted diyas. I have never tried either of them, but will try from next year.


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