25 October, 2017

The Story of my Second Marriage by Mahesh Sowani - [Book Review]

Book Details: 

Book Title: The Story of my second marriage
Author: Mahesh Sowani
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Blue Flower books
Length of the book: 146 pages
Source: A free e-review copy from the author

Marriage, does it really make a person happy? Or is it all about adjustments? Intense, haunting and evocative, The Story of My Second Marriage is a delightful rumination on marriage, adjustments and human nature.

My Review:
This is the story of Manjunath, a government officer hailing from rural Maharashtra. It is about his first love, marriage, problems, divorce, his friends, his second marriage to Yamini, problems, and adjustments. I have read many marriage stories in the perspective of women, but this is the first story I am reading from a man's perspective.

Manju is insecure, afraid to take risks in his life and afraid to take important decisions by himself. Even though I don't like this character personally as he forces his opinions on his wife, I can relate to this type of attitude in some men that I know. Manju divorces his first wife due to her dominating personality and fights and marries  Yamini who is also a divorcee. I didn't like that I couldn't understand the characters in the story except Manju's. Yamini lies consistently with Manju and loses his trust. Neither the reader nor Manju can understand her. Santhosh seemed like a person who uses Manju to make him marry Yamini and misguides his friend with the worst advice when Manju and Yamini have problems. But, Manju won't understand that Santhosh is misguiding him and considers him as his best friend. Manju's boss's character is also not portrayed properly. She disappears because of believing in one news about Manju from an outsider and never tries to learn the truth from Manju directly. Characterization is a major setback for this story. Another setback is grammatical errors and improper editing

The narration is ok but fluctuates between past and present without clear marking. The moral the author wants to convey is that a married couple has to reduce their expectations and forgive each other for their mistakes and move on. This is good but the author doesn't talk about the root cause of the problems between the couple.  

My Rating: 3/5

PS: I have received this e-book from the author and this is my honest opinion on the book.

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About the Author:

Mahesh Sowani is a writer, poet, book reviewer, speaker and a legal professional. He holds masters degrees in Law and Management. He was a faculty member for Master of Laws course at the University of Mumbai. He has a keen interest in yoga, meditation, English literature and financial management.

Many of his writings have been published in leading English and Marathi publications like Hindustan Times, Outlook Traveller, Maharashtra Times, Yuva Sakaal, Kalnirnay etc. He writes on his blog http://maheshsowani.blogspot.in/ He is contributing author of the books Defiant Dreams, Winged Hearts, Love Stories Around Us, Friendship Bonds Beyond Time and Unbound trajectories that changed course of life

His twitter handle is @maheshsowani and facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/mahesh.sowani

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