19 October, 2017

Unique statues and ice sculptures - Loveland, CO, USA

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Loveland is not a very popular place to visit but a small beautiful town in Colorado. It attracts tourists in winter for skiing. I heard the news today that Loveland ski area is open now.
In love - ice sculpture 

That eagle looked ferocious with fire 

We visited this town to attend an annual festival celebrated in winter which is called "Loveland fire and ice festival". Interesting combination right? Fire and Ice. There are many ice sculptures and models with fire demonstrated in the festival. There are live music and fireworks too on the last day.
Butterfly and a heart on fire

Cool colorful penguins made with ice

The next day, we want to see something more in Loveland before leaving the place. One place that attracted me is 'Benson sculpture garden'.

See the clarity in face

I specifically don't like statues but the collection here is unique, lively and amazing. Honestly, it is very difficult for me to choose some pictures to this post from many beautiful statues that I captured.
Children playing

How natural it is?

There is also a lake in the town 'Loveland lake' which was frozen in winter but it would have been a great place to visit in summer. 'Loveland pass' near to this town is famous for breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.

Sometimes, we underestimate a few places if they are not popular. Loveland amazed me even though we went with fewer expectations.

How do you like this place?

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  1. I love the name of the place - Loveland :) The statues are lovely and the sculptures amazing. The eagle looks like it is going to soar up in the air on wings of fire.

  2. It's unique name for a place -Loveland. Is there any story behind the name? The ice sculptures on fire looked fabulous. We have a similar statue of children playing in a nearby park here. It's amazing how life-like they look. :)

    1. Sorry, i missed writing about the story behind the place Vinita. The name came from a person called Loveland who developed this place.

  3. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Awesome and fabulous sculputures! A treat to the eyes indeed

  4. The name Loveland is itself so lovely! And, the sculptures and the statues - truly magnificent! So in awe of these artists....Especially loved the last statue of the man with the birds...Superb creativity!

    1. I am amazed too watching the ice sculptures and statues Shilpa.

  5. These are some great and unique sculptures. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, and I completely agreed with you that we sometimes underestimated those places which are lesser known. and actually, those are amazing. thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us.

    1. Ya Surbhi. It's a beautiful place.

  7. I also like the name "Loveland." It sounds romantic. The sculptures are beautiful. Thank you for the virtual tour.

  8. Gorgeous sculptures. I love the on fire butterflies. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful.

  9. Lovely pictures. Ice-sculptures always fill me with wonder.

    1. Ice sculptures are amazing Tulika. We also saw people working on sculptures.

  10. Such amazing pictures Ramya! I especially loved the one showing the sculpture of the children playing. It is so real!

  11. I like this fire and ice concept in Loveland.... love is a mixture of fire and ice

  12. What an interesting place! Thank you for bringing me along and showing me those fabulous sculptures.


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