27 June, 2018

Freedom and Hardwork #WriteBravely

Read Part 1Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of the story.

Karthika tried talking to Rajiv zillion times to trust and support her. But, nothing worked. She couldn't satisfy his ego. Moreover, he started drinking regularly and abusing her.

She decided to file a divorce to Rajiv and move out from his place. Divorce might be one of the best decisions of her life. She never thought that coming out of a bad relationship is such a relief.

Even though she didn't contact her parents and friends frequently after marriage, they stood like her backbone when she needed strength. Starting a business from scratch needs positive spirit and hard work. 

She rented a small room for her tailoring business and hired a few housewives with a meager salary who accepted to work part-time at the shop. She trained them in tailoring and embroidery. She started taking online orders and used social media and the network of her school students to promote her business. 

Initially, the financial problems were too much. She continued her teaching job in the morning by taking tuitions in the evening and on weekends. When orders were more she worked hard till late nights. 

She saw a hope in her future with the growing business. 

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.” – Mulan

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Linking this to Write Tribe Festival of words June 2018 hosted by Corinne. This is part 5 of the fiction series.


  1. Glad she finally took the bold step of moving on. Things will settle down

  2. Staying positive is the key to success. I hope she finds her efforts taking her closer to her goals everyday. Nice take on the prompt, Ramya.

  3. Good she left an abusive relationship. No good ever comes out of it. Now she was independent.

  4. A stroy of rising above your fears and fighting for your worth. Really a courageous tale

  5. Walking out of an abusive relationship is the best decision one can tke in self interest. I am sure Krithika will now find peace and strength both, to realize her dreams.

  6. Nice to see Karthika taking a stand for herself and working to be independent.

  7. Glad she came out of the dead relationship and took a stand for herself. Just an observation, spelling of meagre is incorrect.

  8. Story is interesting, will go through the previous parts too

  9. Adversity always brings the best out of us. Hope she gets a happier life ahead.

  10. Life needs a gamr worth playing at thd right place and time 'Best wishes

  11. I must say it is the right move! The only way for us is to move forward. Thats exactly what she did.


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