12 June, 2018

My Gratitude list for May 2018

I am late to the party of celebrating 'Gratitude' this time. The reason is valid though :-)

Travel to India:
I was excited about my India trip and I traveled in the last week of May. Planning, shopping, packing, weighing the luggage and managing kids for the long travel - everything has been fun. I took a blogging break and so, couldn't write anything for some time. Meeting the parents and in-laws after 2 years created some guilt in my heart too. I felt like I have missed the family time and affection and now I am afraid that my vacation will end soon even though I have more than a month to spend time with family. I feel that I should visit India every year.

I am very grateful to my close family, friends, and well-wishers whose affection didn't reduce at all due to distance. 

I have never been a fan of shopping but shopping for family members in India is different. Since I don't usually spend hours on shopping, I planned ahead, decided on gifts and completed the task in chunks. I am grateful to my spouse and kids who supported me to make this task easier. 

Meeting close family:
Of course, I have to brag about this. I am on cloud nine to meet my close family. Roaming in the streets of Hyderabad made me remember many happy moments. The love and affection of the family members brought tears too. I am enjoying to the full extent.

I am very grateful that I could take some rest and enjoy my "No cooking " days. I will have my precious more "No-cooking days" in the coming months as well. I am getting a lot of help from my parents too in managing kids. A fun and relaxing family time!

My New Phone:
I got an amazing new phone - Samsung Galaxy S9. This wonderful purple phone is a gift from my husband. I didn't have much time to select a phone but I was 100% convinced that I will like Samsung only. I was using Galaxy S6 so far and I love the camera and the ease of usability. My S9 is looking great with better storage, very good front and rear camera and stylish look. 
Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2JxE92I

So, that was about my fabulous May. How did May treat you? 
Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,
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  1. What a perfectly beautiful gratitude list that is, Mahathi :) I am so happy for you!

    Enjoy the time off, the time with family,the time with friends and of course all the pampering. You know you've been looking forward to it. Congrats on the new phone. Looks jazzy! :)

  2. I can imagine how excited you must be to come “home”. There’s no feeling quite like it . Even now as a 60 year old, I look forward to going home to my parents’ and even though I don’t have to cook every day I am happy to have my “nothing to think about “ days ! Enjoy .

  3. I love your gratitude list dear. That phone looks superb. Colour is bae. Thanks for taking part in #Slimturns3

  4. Meeting family and friends after
    a gap is a wonderful experience in itself. Happy to know you had great time.

  5. I can relate to you Mahathi, meeting family is always fun and even im waiting for the day to go and see mine. Great you had a great time. Congrats for the new phone :)

  6. Gratitude is in everything we do. And it is most important to realise that gratitude. A gift from your husband is always special as it is sealed with love.
    Thank you for linking up with us.


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