25 September, 2019

One of those full moon nights #wordlesswednesday

Linking this post to #wordlesswednesday hosted by Natasha and Esha.


  1. Beautiful moonlit night! It must have been truly magical.
    Would you, by any chance, be able to share a larger image, Ramya?

    Thanks for sharing and as alwaysm its great to see you link up with us this week, too!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday, and a lovely week ahead.


    1. Thanks Esha. I changed it to original size now. Already it's extra large size, but not sure why it looks small. Are you checking the blog from a laptop? I want to know if image size is better on phone and not on laptop.

  2. Beautiful pic... Where is this

  3. Mahathi,

    I think it was last week before one of my appointments, I spied a full moon in the morning sky as I was heading out. I managed to get a few pictures, nothing spectacular but I captured the moment nonetheless. You did a nice job framing the moon through the lens over your neighborhood. Thanks for sharing. You're welcome to join my Wild Wednesdays linky party where just about anything goes, including WW shares. ;) Have a good week!

  4. I love the moon in all forms. But full moons are a personal favourite. Thanks for sharing this image. A slightly bigger one if possible would be nice, Ramya.

    Have a great week! Our brand new linky is live. Do hop in.



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