05 September, 2019

When it Rains.. #WordsMatter

I enjoy nature and outdoor walks, but was not a fan of rain from childhood.

Rain and Crawlies

During summer holidays and rainy season, we used to visit our Grand mother's house which is in a village. The house had a big backyard with lots of plants and trees. It was really pleasant in the evenings with flowers and lovely breeze. We used to play with our cousins in the backyard every evening.

But, when it rains, the garden used to fill with disgusting crawlies everywhere. I hate crawlies so much that I never used to step out during and after rain. From that time, my mind associates rains to crawlies and so, I never really enjoyed rains in my childhood.

Rain in movies

Rain is depicted very well in movies. When I reached my teenage, I was awestruck by the Hindi movie 'Taal'. There is a beautiful rain song in Taal picturized with Aishwarya Rai and the director Subhash Ghai is really brilliant to show the purest form of Mother nature.

After watching this movie, I decided that I should visit some place with heavy rains like Kerala in monsoons or North east to enjoy the pure form of nature. I couldn't visit these places till now, but that's another story.

Fast Forward to Now in USA

I haven't experienced heavy rains both in Colorado and Texas until last year. In India, we have monsoons every year around June, but in USA, there is no specific rainy season.

But, this year, first time in my life I have experienced what damage a heavy rain can do. Here, When it rains, there will be hail too sometimes. Hail is like pellets of frozen rain falling from the sky. Depending on the size of hail, damage will be more or less. 

It is beautiful to see small ice balls in the size of thermacol balls. But, once during a trail, we were stuck in a large hail which was hitting hard on the skin and there was lightning and thunderstorm too to make the experience horrible. We literally ran to the car with kids before getting wet completely. 

Recently, We drove through South Dakota during a heavy rainfall with lightning. It was frightening to drive with zero visibility and water splashing on car front window very fast. By the way, South Dakota is known as 'Blizzard State' and these kind of heavy rains are common there. 

Since we stay in a place surrounded by mountains at high elevation, Rains usually come with thunderstorms and lightning which is a dangerous combination. Lightning can cause spot death. 

When it rains, it's cool to watch from the window or even drench in the light drizzle but, when there are lightening and thunderstorms, better be at home and safe. By the way, I love to have snacks like corn cob or pakoda enjoying ginger tea during rains.

What do you like about rain? What comes to your mind when it rains?

Do let me know in comments.

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  1. I agree with you. Rain is beautiful to watch from the window, or to walk in when it is a drizzle. But not during a storm. A storm is a whole different scenario. Not enjoyable.

  2. Oh yes, the creepy crawlies that come out during rains are not welcome at all. And plus the mosquitoes! :( Yes, rains in movies are beautiful. But in reality... well we know!!
    Being stuck in a hailstorm with lightening and thunderstorm can be pretty scary!!
    I love watching rain only when I am indoors. It's my least fav season when I am traveling!

  3. I love the rains, but of late storms frighten me. They just seem so ominous. I too prefer being a spectator, watching the rain from the safety of my window.

  4. I hate the rains too! And yucky creepy crawlies, mosquitos and fat flies. I also hate the fact that when it rains everything has a peculiar damp smell. I prefer having a season like the rains when you know it rains rather than having unpredictable rainfall all year round. When I visited NJ in 2016-17 it was wet all year round.....

  5. Oh, the creepy crawlies scare me alright! But I still love rains :P
    Thanks for joining the blog hop again. Hope you have fun :)

  6. I guess Rain is great when experienced from the comfort of home, else on roads it becomes a menace. Specially when it's blinding rain.
    And oh the crawlies! gives me heebie-jeebies.

  7. Now I wish it would rain here so that I could go out in the back yard, in a white gown, and roll around in the mud and grass! (Not. But maybe put on my shorts and run around barefoot in the back yard!) I love the rain, but you're right about that lightning! I remember, once, in the Colorado mountains, my son's hair suddenly stood on end in all directions - took me about half a nanosecond to open the car door and shove him in, then dive in after him. We were lucky. We got to the ranger station atop Long Peak, and the rangers were giving a talk on that very subject. We'd almost become their poster children for "The dangers of lightning."

  8. Rain is alwas good to watch when you are cddles up and safe within your home, and that too when it is a constant drizzle. A storm is frightening. I remember what the recent one named Gaja did to my place back home.

  9. I so get you and reading this post reminded me of my friend who absolutely have a distaste for rains and the only way he likes enjoying rains is through a closed glass window!

  10. Very true...while watching rains from the cozy comfort of the house, everything would look fine and beautiful

  11. You said and I agree. I love rains from my balcony. There is a different fun in that. Thanks for joining #WordsMatter, Ramya.

  12. The rains are great when you're sitting in the comfort of your own home and know it's safe!

  13. What a scary hike that must have been! I’ve had my share of being chased by hailstones and can safely say that it looks much better than it feels 😃


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