09 September, 2019

My Gratitude List for July and August 2019 #GratitudeCircle

August month was so hectic that I missed writing gratitude lists for both July and August.

Sometimes, you know? It's good to be busy with what you like. I was just focusing on Our first Annual recital of dance school and some challenging work in Office in a new role.

Let me quickly mention my Gratitude List.

Annual Recital :

We did our first Annual Recital of our Kuchipudi Dance school in September. But, the planning of the event, rehearsal etc., took most of my time in August. If you want to get any updates about our performances, please follow our Facebook Page - Kala Deepika Dance Academy.

I am grateful to my parents and my teacher for teaching me the classical dance for around 15 years. Of course, my husband and kid's help is like the backbone for the event.

My Parents and especially my sister helped with this memento order and delivery to our place.

Work :

Work-front, it is a major learning curve in July and August. Adjusting into a new role is stressful but I feel ready for the next level. 

While it is good to progress in work, it is equally tough to manage home, work and health. I am still not used to less sleep and so, I am using weekends to the best to sleep as much as I can.

Cooking :

Some days, it's very tiring to cook in the evenings. I am grateful to my family as we all adjusted in this phase, ate some quick dinners , got food from outside, went to restaurants, we survived by supporting each other. 

Back to School :

Every year, we spend more time buying new clothes, school bags, snack and lunch boxes etc., in this season. While schools started in the mid of august, we did just one quick shopping and done!

I am thankful to my Manager who allowed me to leave early daily to pickup kids. Thus, I could manage this school season easily.

Travel :

We could plan a trip to South Dakota in the starting of July. I am so happy and we all enjoyed a lot. I could drive this time on highways and help my husband covering long distance.

Spearfish Canyon and Carhenge were beautiful than I expected. Mt Rushmore and Crazy horse memorial were great too. We had to come back by Sunday to take dance class, else, we would have extended our trip by one more day.

Here are some travelogues of South Dakota:

Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park
Spearfish Canyon and Badlands National Park

I am yet to write my travelogue of Carhenge, Nebraska. You see, it was not possible these 2 months. Will write one soon.

So, that's it from my side, guys!

What are you grateful for? Please share in comments.

Until next time,

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