30 October, 2019

5 Best Netflix kids' shows right now

Netflix is a great TV subscription service for every age and for every mood. I got introduced to Netflix just 4 years ago. I am impressed with the quality of content. 

I don't know who told that TV is an idiot box, but why can't we make TV time knowledgeable? Here is my opinion on TV time for kids. 

If there is any TV show that a family can watch for fun, relaxation and to gain knowledge as well, Isn't it a great pick? Here are some of our family favorites, especially to my kids who want to watch good shows and also learn something out of it.

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5 Best Netflix Kids' shows

1. Story Bots

You all know if you are a parent that kids ask a lot of questions. Why to brush? Why to sleep early? How the Earth is formed? What is gravity? blah blah.. 

It is always good to encourage curiousness in kids as they learn more by asking questions. But, how much can you explain to little kids who are below 8 yr olds? They are not introduced to all concepts of Physics and Electronics yet, right? This TV show is really helpful in that case.

This TV show answers some of these questions in detail in a way that kids can understand in simple terms. They have songs too in the middle and cool graphics and paintings to make them understand better. If you have young kids, I say, don't miss this show.

2. The Farthest : Voyager in Space

This documentary is about a space ship Voyager which was launched in 1970's. This spaceship sent the closest images of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus to the Earth.

This 1hr 36 mins documentary is excellent  to watch with kids. This show is inspiring with captivating tales of how the Voyager is made, the people behind it and the events that took place. A must see for your children.

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3. Lego Ninjago Series 

Unlike other cartoons, Lego Ninjago is both fun and adventurous. Nothing knowledgeable, but a good show for kids. 

I like the way the story shows the importance of morals, love, emotions and heroism with imperfections. This has a whooping 11 seasons of story, so unlimited fun. My kids love this show.

4. Brain Games

Our recent love. The whole family enjoys watching this show. So, we watch this show daily for at least 20 mins in the night before we sleep. Food for brain as well.

Through this show we learnt a lot of new things about our brain.

So, A must-watch show for families with kids. Enjoyable and knowledgeable.


5. One Strange Rock

This documentary series tells us an extraordinary journey of the Earth in unique perspective. Hosted by Will Smith, this show is explained in simple terms so that even kids can understand. 

Each episode delves into the important aspects that make our planet beautiful and unique. They cover some important topics like How oxygen is formed, how this oxygen is enough for all living beings on the Earth, How Amazon Rain forests and a specific bacteria in an ocean help thrive the human species etc.,

A must watch if you want kids to understand our planet.
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Those are my Netflix recommendations. What shows do you suggest for kids?

I know, there are multiple excellent shows out there for kids, explore and make TV time fun and knowledgeable. What do you say?

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  1. Informative Ramya! Thanks fr posting :-)

  2. The farthest Voyager In space s not available in Netflix India :(

  3. An informative posts for parents. I'm not on Netflix but I realize it has a lot more options than Amazon.

  4. Anonymous4:13 AM

    It's a Great contribution from your side. Netflix always give best content to their audience. Now, You have to know about the 10 Best Netflix shows you must watch.

  5. I have watched all the web series and movies you listed in this article and they all are awesome and I have an article on 5 best web series on Netfilx you can also check out their trailer also.

  6. I have watched all the web series and movies you listed in this article and they all are awesome and I have an article on 5 best web series on Netfilx you can also check out their trailer also.


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