23 October, 2019

Greenery in the Fall #ThursdayTreeLove

Some greenery too in the fall. 

Eventually all trees shed their leaves by winter but only a few trees like Maple, cottonwood,  Aspen etc will change colors before shedding their leaves.

I didn't know this 4 years ago and I thought all trees will change color in the Fall.

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  1. It all depends on where you live. Some trees will turn colors but only in certain weather zones. Even where I live, which is in one of those zones, some leaves just turn brown and some don't even fall until later in the winter. Isn't nature marvelous?

  2. ya marvelous Alana. I love the nature

  3. Beautiful and so green. I would love to see the trees changing colors some day. It must be so beautiful and dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Ramya.


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