18 October, 2019

Top 5 Black Friday shopping tips #BlackFriday

Black Friday is the most important day for shoppers. With so many in-store promotions,  door busters and online deals, it is kind of overwhelming. So, here are some tips to get the best deals and shop peacefully.

Even though Black Friday is in the end of November,  many stores announce their promotions and deals from first to second week of November itself. So, watch out, note down and plan earlier.

Plan Early:

I know, this tip looks simple but it is very helpful. First, prepare a shopping list. Then, wait for the stores to release their first ad for Black Friday. If the items of your shopping list are present in their ads or door busters or online deals, note down all the details.

Know the timings, terms, refund policies :

Being aware of where to buy the items is not enough. If you are targeting on door busters,  know the terms and timings. Usually,  some stores open very early and give door busters only to the first 50 or 100 customers. So, going to the store early and being in queue first really matters.

Ensure you check the refund policy. If you are planning to buy gifts, remember to get gift receipts. Usually,  many stores allow to refund within a month.

Check Online Deals :

In this generation,  Black Friday shopping changed towards online shopping. Many doesn't have patience to go early and stand in queues. There are multiple sites which help in finding the best deals online.

Slickdeals is one such site which offers money saving offers and best deals. The coupons mentioned in the site will be helpful always but especially during Black Friday shopping,  ensure you check deals in this site.

Slickdeals is the best place to find Black Friday deals and sales. 

If possible,  buy gift cards on discounted price from raise.com. You can use them on your favorite stores on Black Friday to double the money saving.

Focus and don't get carried away :

Shopping is enticing. If you go to kohl's to buy an Instant pot, you might get stuck with other great deals before reaching to Kitchen items section. 

Yes, there is always a chance of overspending and buying unwanted things but sometimes this distraction can make your must-shop items go out of stock.

So, focus. Buy whatever you want first before browsing through other categories.

Start Early or Shop till late to avoid crowds :

Start early after having good breakfast. Leave kids at home so that they don't get irritated and spoil your shopping mood. Carry cash so that billing can be faster in case of big lines.

So, those are some tips that worked for me. What strategies work for you to save more on black Friday and shop peacefully? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

PS: I am glad to collaborate with Slickdeals for this post and the tips mentioned are from my own experience. 


  1. Great tips. Planning ahead and being prepared are the key to ace the Black Friday sale. Happy shopping, Mahathi.

  2. Great Tips indeed. I have heard of great black friday deals from my son. I shall educate him with these tips too.

  3. Good tips!. I am still old school in my head where Black Friday means lining up in front of the stores since early hours of morning. It will be good to try out the online deals this year.


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