10 April, 2020

H for Hanging Lake #A2ZChallenge

#Day8 of A2Z Blogging Challenge where I am posting some best places to visit in Colorado.

H For Hanging Lake

The Hanging lake is a rare gem of Colorado. This 1.2 mile trail is very steep surrounded by natural beauty. This is not a paved trail and the path is filled with rocks and slippery in winter.

Hanging lake,  Colorado
Hanging lake
Pc: www.pixabay.com

The trail continously climbs 1000 ft to reach the lake. This makes it strenuous but the final view of the lake and the splash of  waterfalls are rewarding.

This trailhead in Glenwood canyon in white river national forest is accessible by shuttle from hanging lake visitor center.

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  1. Gorgeous pic Ramya- you are blessed to have such gems around where you live.

    1. Thanks Shalz. Really I feel blessed.

  2. Can you swim in Hanging Lake? Looks gorgeous - and fairly secluded. Of course, you're probably on one side of a barricade that says, "Watch out - no swimming in the lake" or some such. ;)

    1. Ya strictly no swimming Holly. The place is a rare gem and fragile :-)


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