09 August, 2017

Goonj - An NGO with a different thought #WriteBravely - WTFOW Day 6

As you know, I am participating in Write Tribe Festival of words and today's prompt is Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview. I have tweaked the prompt a bit and featured an NGO today.
From Goonj official site www.goonj.org

A post about this NGO - Goonj is pending for a long time(almost a year). When we were shifting to another country from Hyderabad last year, we had so much material to clear off. Many clothes (both new and old), children's toys, furniture, baby stroller etc., Then, I came to know about Goonj through online. The dropping center was not very far, so we went and dropped all these materials and also we got a briefing from the center head about the different campaigns they are running.

Unlike other NGOs, Goonj believes that not only money but many other used/ recycled products can become a valuable resource to the people in need. This NGO accepts old/ used clothes and uses them for an initiative called 'Cloth for work'. Through this initiative, rural communities receive clothes and other material as a reward for their labor. This initiative helps in repairing roads, recharging water ponds, digging wells etc., The NGO produced over 4 million sanitary pads out of waste cloth and donated them in rural areas to promote basic hygiene. 

Check this page to know more about material contribution. This website also lists different donation options, dropping centers in 22 states, online donation details, and different campaigns. 

I wish many NGOs think about all valuable resources other than money. Money cannot solve all problems and there is a high possibility of money going to wrong hands before reaching the needy unless the NGO and all its employees are genuine.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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  1. I've met the Goonj founder, Anshu Gupta-- and been very impressed with Goonj's ideals, and work. I'm a donor :)


  2. That's a wonderful initiative. Specially the initiative for cloth for work. It's wonderful that you donate your items to the NGO.

  3. Goonj is an icon in recycling used items and doing good for the humanity too! I love collecting stuff for them and try to get people to participate in their monthly camps. Its a great feeling to be a part of their initiative and I wish more and more people would realise their worth!!
    Great topic for a guestpost today Ramya!!

  4. I had never heard of them. Sounds like a wonderful initiative. I will definitely help spread the world. Thanks for sharing, Ramya.

  5. I've heard of Goonj. They're doing pretty good work.

  6. I heard of this organisation through my friend who took part in NGO activity and donated clothes to them. It was through her i came to know about work they are doing. It was great to read about it. Thanks for posting.

  7. I have heard about Goonj, but I didn't know they recycle old clothes too.


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