02 August, 2017

Gratitude List for July 2017 #GratitudeCircle

Here comes the time of the month to share the joy of little of things in my life in July.

1. Travel:
Of course, this is on the top of my list. We had to cancel 2 trips in July due to several reasons, but I am happy that we could visit at least one place. Summer holidays for the elder one are getting over by next week and so, this might be the last 2-day trip and a long drive before school starts.

We went to Glenwood springs and hiked the toughest trail with kids. Even though we could manage with great difficulty, I feel grateful for our good health and fitness.This trip is also a reminder to stay healthy and be fit in future.
Hanging Lake, Glenwood Springs

2. Instagram photo challenge:
Inspired by the prompts provided by Pallavi Purani(@womod), I posted one photo a day in Instagram in the month of July. You can find me on Instagram as @ramyaelr. I love participating in these challenges as they make me think about the prompt, remember some good days and photos linked with the prompt and let me choose the best photo. I am grateful for the lovely memories I treasured so far in the form of photos. Here is a collage of some of the photos from June.

3. Morning walks:
It's good that I continued my morning walks this month too. I have also participated in a 5k walk for a cause for the first time. I think I can try 5k run next time. Since schools start from mid of August, I have to change the time for morning walks. I  hope, this works out as there is not much time before the fall season starts and morning walks become tough.
A foggy morning

4. Reading and Library visits
In July, I couldn't spend much time on reading but I am grateful to have finished 2 books. I have some good books with me as of now, but I am just waiting for free time to finish them. I could go to the library twice and got one book which was on my wishlist for a long time. I hope to read more in August.
It was on my wish list so long!

5. Surviving Summer holidays
I am grateful to survive summer holidays with 2 kids at home, who are always ready to fight with each other, create a mess, seek my attention and make me a referee in their fights. I am glad that I could introduce them to our mother tongue and acquainted them with some household chores. I am grateful that I could engage them without losing my sanity.

So, that is the list of small things that made me happy last month. How was your July? Do share your opinion in comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Mahati, it was nice to read about your fruitful month. I love to hike too but don't get too many opportunities here for the same.Your instagram pictures look lovely, must try my hand at such a challenge. Two kids at home is a distant memory now that my son has completed his studies and is working away from home. My daughter is an advocate and busy the whole week. This leaves me with the empty nest blues at times. Books keep me company and my hubby tries to cheer me up whenever he can take out time out of his busy schedule.I communicate with the fictional characters, make up stories in my head. I have a great network of friends, some in the same boat as me. We meet up for coffee and share our feelings. Life is beautiful, I am thankful to the Universe.

  2. Hey Ramya, that's an interesting month. A Trip sounds fun. Finding and cherishing old photos always ends up in a smile.

  3. Sounds like a fruitful and full month! The Lost Symbol was really interesting! Love how Dan Brown uses so much art history and symbolism in his novels.

  4. Looks like July has served you better and made you happy. I love your thirst for books and your library visits.


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