27 May, 2017

Save Elephants and feel Good - www.elephantpants.com - [Product Review]

We all love Elephants, right? How about lively and lovely designs inspired by elephants?

 I stumbled upon a lots of them  @ www.elephantpants.com.

Moreover, a portion of every sale through this site  goes to global projects focusing on saving wildlife and advancing knowledge  to cure Elephant diseases.

So, what is this site about and what work they do?

As a partner with the International Elephant Foundation, Elephantpants.com donates a portion of every sale to help create a sustainable future where elephants thrive. IEF is on the ground wherever there are elephants.  Since its inception, IEF has supported over 120 annual and long-term projects focused on the fight to save elephants.

This site has different products with trendy designs like yoga pants, shorts, tees to men, women and kids. There are beautiful home decor products like pillows, and accessories like hair bands, key chains, bracelets  and water bottles.
I chose to order and review these trendy yoga pants.  Let me go into the details of the product that I received for review.

I received a gray pant with 2 pockets, did you see that lovely design on the pockets? This is a classic yoga pant which is very comfortable and also fitting near the ankles. I loved the fact that it looked stylish and yet simple. The quality of the fabric is good and durable, even good for machine wash  and regular use. I would love to use these pants for my dance practice and yoga.

To see the complete collection of yoga pants, browse here.

I also liked these products from the site.

So, how do you like these products? Do let me know in comments.

Ps: I have received a product for free in exchange of an honest review and this is my unbiased opinion on the product.

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25 May, 2017

#ThursdayTreeLove - 10

When the Sun tries to peek behind a tree, it's an amazing Sunset.

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Motherhood, Martyrdom, and Costco Runs by Whitney Dineen - [Book Review]

Date Published: May 15, 2017
Publisher: 33 Partners Publishing

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Join bestselling romantic comedy author, Whitney Dineen, as she discovers the three Es of parenting:

•         Exhilarating—when you first discover you’re pregnant.

•         Exhausting—when you realize you’ll most likely never sleep again--like EVER.

•         Explosive—OMG these kids spew from both ends!

And that’s just the beginning. Whitney shares the ridiculous highs and excruciating lows of her catapult into motherhood. Enjoy the ride as this new mom vows to give up profanity while falling in love with… you guessed it, Costco. Be careful, because if you’re anything like Whitney, you may just pee a little. 

Motherhood Martyrdom & Costco Runs takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions as Whitney plummets into postpartum depression, desperately tries to get her kids to stop yodeling in public restrooms, and comes to terms with the fact she’ll never quite be queen of her own kingdom. Get ready to laugh, cry, cheer, and pat yourself on the back for the sake of mommies everywhere. And while you’re at it, stop by Costco for a case of toilet paper and a Very Berry Sundae. You won’t regret it!  

My Review:
I usually don't pick non-fiction books to read. This might be one of the very few non-fiction books that I read. I chose this book as it is related to parenting and it's fun to learn about other parent's exepriences and hardships, right?

This book is like having a conversation with the author who is a mom of 2 girls. The writing style is casual with a tinge of humour. The chapters and incidents are picked random. The author doesn't say what is ideal or that her parenting style is best but she admits her issues about parenting with grace and is proud to raise 2 lovely children.

Read some snippets from the book to get an idea of the book.

In fact,  they’re  so curious when  they first see  her,  my six-year-old yells out,  “Are you  some  kind  of superhero?” The  four-year-old contributes, “Halloween isn’t  until  October!” Of  course,  I’m  mortified  and try to  shush my  little troublemakers  as I  glance  apologetically  at the  hijab-donned stranger.

Trying  to explain  to  your  children  which truths they’re allowed to  talk about openly,  and which  they aren’t,  is like  trying to dismantle  a  mine  field,  in  a hail  storm,  without  a map,  while on fire.  If you  tell  them there’s  nothing  wrong  with  being  fat, they assume  telling  people  they’re  fat  is  okay.

 I’d  met  a woman  in  the  doctor’s  office  the  week before,  who  told me  she’d  had an  amniocentesis and  the  test came  back positive  for  Down  syndrome.  She  said she  and her husband struggled with what to  do.  They  already  had two  other children.  Both of  them  needed to  work to  support their  family. They didn’t know  how  they  could afford  or  cope  with  a  special needs  child.  They ultimately  decided to  have  the  baby,  but they both stopped  enjoying  the  pregnancy.  The  day she  went into labor  was  a solemn  one.  Then she  delivered.  And  you  know what?  Her  beautiful little  boy was born  perfectly normal,  no genetic  anomalies  whatsoever.  Surely that’s a  very rare  case,  but still,  it gives you  food for  thought.

Overall, it's a light read about parenting experience. We can have a hearty laugh comparing with our own experiences as a parent. 

My Rating:

Ps: I have received this free review copy through RABT book tours and this is my honest opinion on the book.

About the Author

While attending the University of Illinois in Chicago, Whitney Dineen was discovered by a local modeling agent and began an unexpected career as a plus-size Ford model. She modeled in New York City before moving to Los Angeles with her husband.
During “The Hollywood Years,” Whitney was bitten by the writing bug and started creating characters that are inspired by strong women with a great sense of humor. Her first romantic comedy, She Sins at Midnight, won a silver medal in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite awards. Her second, The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan, is a finalist in the 2016 RONE Awards, won a silver medal at the 2016 Reader’s Favorite Awards and won Honorable Mention at the London Book Festival. Her third chick-lit book, Mimi Plus Two, is causing all kinds of controversy and who the heck knows where it will land. Although, it was a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Awards and a Runner-Up at the London Book Festival.

In addition to her love of chick-lit, Whitney has also written a series of adventure books for middle readers. The first two books in her series, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory and Who the Heck is Harvey Stingle? are both available now. Book three, Beware of the Basement, is due to be released in the spring of 2017.

Whitney and her husband, Jimmy, have relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to raise their children, chickens, and organic vegetables.

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24 May, 2017

THE CONNECTICUT CORPSE CAPER by Tyler Colins - [Book Spot Light]

Book Description

Five inheritance recipients—in addition to Jill, cousin Rey and BFF Linda—arrive at an eerie (reputedly haunted) Connecticut mansion, primed for a week-long stay. Two-hundred thousand dollars will be awarded to each person, but should someone leave early, for whatever reason, his or her share will be divided among those remaining.

The family lawyer passes in the drawing room after dinner. Perhaps he was heavy and out-of-shape, but he never appeared that unhealthy. Enter the sheriff and deputy; exit same, with body, into a misty and frigid November night.

The puzzling death prompts the three women to eagerly don amateur sleuth hats. Curious, others soon join in the sleuthing, and the bumbling and stumbling—and mayhem—begin.

Enter and exit the sheriff and deputy several more times as the body count mounts . . . until there is no option but to remain.

When eccentric and not-so-deceased Aunt Mat dramatically announces a return from the dead, everyone is thrown into a tizzy. That dither intensifies when the grande dame explains that the demise had been feigned to ensnare the person(s) responsible for monetary and in-house thefts.

As an ice storm approaches, legal sorts fall mysteriously ill. Tensions mount as fingers point accusingly and tongues flap crossly. The determined investigative trio discover that it’s not only hidden rooms and passageways that conceal deep, dark secrets.

The Connecticut Corpse Caper is the perfect escape for those who love old B&W whodunit mysteries set in creepy oversize mansions filled with quirky guests, hidden passageways, and disappearing and reappearing corpses.

Excerpt #4 (Scene from Chapter 8)
He and his sister were alongside us, Rey and Linda ahead, Jensen and May-Lee behind. We had dressed appropriately for the day: jeans, thick sweaters under heavy jackets, decent walking shoes or boots, and hats, gloves and/or scarves. It had gotten much colder since yesterday and even colder since early this morning. The mist that had veiled the area last night had disappeared before dawn.

Considering all that had transpired, everyone appeared in relatively good spirits, but then a lemon sun, the crisp smells of fall, and the tranquility of a countryside afternoon could do the soul good. A distant train rumbled and sounded, a couple of horns honked like cross Canada geese, and a trio of playful dogs raced along a neighbor’s property line.

“Too bad it’s gone to seed,” Rey said over her shoulder.
“Gone to seed?” Percival laughed. “My dear girl, it bloody well always looks like this.” With each passing hour, the man was sounding more and more artificially British.

My cousin stopped in her tracks and turned. “You’re joking?”

“Not in the least. The Moones have always had eclectic tastes.” He laughed again and motioned her onward, down a winding fine-pebbled path that lead to the rear of the property. Wizened shrubs and weeds -- or maybe the desiccated things had been flowers at one time -- lined the length.

With a creased brow, she looked from him to Prunella, who had Swarovski Pocket Tyrol binoculars focused on some trees, to the fountain and back. “Uh yeah, whatever. Okay, I say we walk to the fish pond at the far rear. Or is it a swamp?”

“A fish pond,” May-Lee confirmed, adjusting a silk twill scarf with an Inuit motif over auburn waves.

She smirked. “With piranha, no doubt.”

“We-ell, there -- ”

Her hand flew up. “Man, I do so not want to know, thanks.”

“Oh my!” Prunella grabbed her brother’s arm and pointed. “Look Perc, a Western Kingbird!” She nearly jammed the optical instrument into his eyeballs.

“A Tyrannus verticalis? You’re sure?” He didn’t sound half as excited, but trained the binoculars where she’d pointed.

“What?” Adwin asked under his breath. “No yellow-bellied Sapsucker?”

I jostled him gently.

“It’s gone now.” Percival passed back the binoculars.

“But I saw it!” she shrilled.

He chuckled and hooked an arm around her shoulders. “I don’t doubt you. How exciting. Almost as thrilling as the time you sighted the Sphyrapicus varius.”

Linda asked what that was.

“A yellow-bellied Sapsucker.”

Adwin did a Rey thing and snorted, and sent an elbow not so lightly into my ribs. I reciprocated. Linda bah-hah-hahed (I thought only cartoon characters and drunken barrel-bellied frat boys laughed like that) while Prunella returned to her binoculars.
“Did you know pigeons pop?” Linda asked, her expression one of young Lindsay Lohan I-did-no-such-thing innocence.

Okay, I’d bite. “They ‘pop’?”

“Yes,” she twinkled. “Once, right beside me, a cab ran over one. Pop the pigeon went -- pop! You know, like that fun bubble-wrap packaging you squeeze for fun.” She demonstrated with her fingers. “Pop, pop!”

Rey laughed like a kid embarking on her first rollercoaster ride. I grinned like I’d received the compliment of my life while May-Lee turned to the horizon, biting her lip. Prunella lowered the binoculars and appeared appalled, her face as pale as ostrich down.

Linda winked and Jensen gave a you-little-vixen look.

About the Author:
Tyler Colins is chiefly a writer of fiction and blog posts (but occasionally creates film scripts, and business and sales plans). She’s also a sometimes editor and proofreader. Her fiction focus is primarily mysteries, though she has started to dabble in women’s fiction (weekly installments of Odd Woman Out can be found on Wattpad).

Her first book, The Connecticut Corpse Caper, was written as a one-off, but the ever-enthusiastic amateur sleuths pleaded, cried, cajoled, and even offered bribes to return; she had to oblige. Can You Hula Like Hilo Hattie? and Coco’s Nuts! are the second and third in the Triple Threat series. The fourth, Forever Poi, should be available this summer.

Please feel free to visit her current blog (a new one is in the works):

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Tyler Colins@UsBound3



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23 May, 2017

Ponni's Beloved by Sumeetha Manikandan - [Book Review]

The Schedule of the Tour can be seen here 

Ponni's Beloved 

Volume 1. New Floods 


Sumeetha Manikandan


Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan is a masterpiece that has enthralled generations of Tamil readers. Many authors have written phenomenal books in Tamil literature after Kalki Krishnamurthy, but Ponniyin Selvan remains the most popular, widely-read novel. It has just the right mixture of all things that makes an epic – political intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal, huge dollops of romance, infidelity, seduction, passion, alluring women, unrequited love, sacrifice and pure love.

Grab your copy @

My Review
It's been a long time since i read a lengthy novel above 300 pages. This novel is interesting throughout even though it is lengthy. 'Ponniyan selvan' which is the original of this translated work is already a popular novel in Tamilnadu. All my Tamil friends re-iterated the same. So, my expectations were really high before even i started reading it.

The story is set in the era of Cholan ruler Sundara chola and it is all about the politics in the kingdom, the beauty of the place , its culture and people. Even though the story covers more in the perspective of the warrior Vandiya Devan, the prince Aditya also impresses a lot. The characterization of Princess Kunduvai, Vanathi and NandinI is very good but since this is only a first part of the series, reader don't get enough of information about them.

The narration with glossary of information is interesting. It is a bit difficult to remember the names of characters for a non-Tamilian and I felt, a one line brief about each character in the appendix would have been helpful. A map of the Cholan kingdom would have been helpful too.

The storyline is impressive with great narration and good explanation of historic events and culture in the middle. My only complaint is that the end is abrupt leaving me disappointed turning the last pages again and again to see if I missed something.  There are some grammatical mistakes which have been avoided with proper review. I appreciate the translation effort of the Author and I liked the way she explained Tamil poems too.  Overall, a wonderful read and I would love to read other parts in the Series too. 

My Rating : 4.5/5

PS: I have received this free e-review copy from the author for review and this is my honest opinion on the book.
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“I have brought important information for all of you. That’s why I asked the noble Sambuverayar to invite us all here. Maharaja Sundara Chola’s health has been steadily deteriorating. I secretly asked our royal physician, and he says that there is absolutely no chance of his health improving. His days are numbered. And it is up to us, to think about the future of the royal throne.”

“What do the astrologers say?” asked one of the noble men.

“Why ask the astrologers? Haven’t you seen the comet that has been appearing in the sky, for the past few weeks? They say whenever a comet appears, there will be death in the royal family,” said another.

“I have asked the astrologers as well, and they say that the king might live for some more time. Anyway, we will have to decide who should ascend the throne next,” said Pazhuvetarayar.

“What is the use of discussing that now? Aditya Karikalan was made the Crown Prince two years ago,” said one of the noblemen.

“True. But before he took that decision, did Sundara Chola consult any of us? We all have stood by the Chola Kingdom with loyalty and have sacrificed our sons and grandsons in the battlefield. Even now warriors from each of our clans have gone to Elangai to fight for the Chola Kingdom. Don’t you think we deserve the right to be consulted about who should be the next heir to the throne? Even King Dasaratha asked his council of ministers, before deciding to crown Rama. But our Sundara Chola didn’t think it necessary to consult anyone…”

About the author

"Sumeetha Manikandan is a top bestselling romance author whose novellas ‘Perfect Groom’ and ‘These Lines of Mehendi’ (which was published as a paperback novel called ‘Love Again’) have been on the top of Amazon India charts ever since its publication. A bookaholic, thinker, feminist and a daydreamer, she reads across genres and is a crazy fan of history, romance and science fiction novels.

An avid reader of historical novels, she has been translating Kalki Krishnamurthy’s classic Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan for the past ten years and hopes to translate more of his novels to English.

Sumeetha is married to filmmaker K.S. Manikandan and lives with her nine-year-old daughter in Chennai."

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Climbing The Charts

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18 May, 2017

#ThursdayTreeLove - 9

The colours, sky and the majestic tree. How serene?

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14 May, 2017

#ThursdayTreeLove - 8

This is an old picture taken in Tirupathi, Andhra pradesh. Linking this to #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul.

Taken with Nokia N73 phone and no filter used.

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13 May, 2017

The Indus Challenge by R Durgadoss - [Book Review]

R. Durgadoss


Bharat is in chaos. While the kingdoms fight each other, Alexander’s forces gather for the assault, their leader lured by tales of supernatural weapons and the elixir of immortality. Only one man can save the subcontinent from domination by the Greeks: the young Chandragupta Maurya, trained under the aegis of the ‘dark brahmin’, Chanakya.

When an ancient seal is found, sharing the secrets of the brahmastra, the redoubtable weapon of the Mahabharat, it is up to Rudra, young commander of the Mauryan Nava Yuva Sena and lifelong friend and confidante of Chandragupta, to decode it. Along with his fellow commandos, and with the able guidance of his guru, Rudra embarks on a quest that takes him from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the seas of Rameshwaram, hunting the clues that will lead him to the brahmastra. On the way, he meets the Chiranjivis, ancient beings tasked with divine duties, and learns the secrets behind his own birth and his mysterious powers.

But Rudra must be careful, for not all enemies were dispersed with the death of the mighty Alexander. Treachery lurks in the home, and when Rudra is framed for the attempted murder of his sovereign, he must pull every trick at his disposal to reveal the enemy, and save his kingdom from plunging, once more, into bloodshed and chaos.

A historical, mythological adventure story, The Indus Challenge is sure to appeal to readers interested in the storied past of India and the legends woven into its soil.

My Review:
The Indus challenge is a historical fiction covering many ancient facts about Brahmasthra and Amrit. This story is second  part of the series about a specific chatacter from Mahabharata epic which the author mentions as reborn in mauryan tenure. 'Rudra' who is the hero of the story plays a key role in establishing mauryan empire with guru Chanakya, Chandragupta and a group of nine young men known as Nava Yuva sena. The story is about the clues this team finds and the puzzles it solves to claim nine sciences  and unravel the secret of the universal missile 'Brahmasthra' mentioned in Mahabharatha epic. 

What I liked?
1. The facts and well researched information on Brahmasthra
2. The concept and the big picture
3. The characterization.
4. The images in the book which were relevant and useful to understand the story better.

What didn't impress me?
1. Logic is missing at a few places and some information is repeated many times like the details about Brahmasthra and its impact.
2. The narration and vocabulary can be better. There are too many quotes and lengthy conversations in the story as if the characters are giving a speech to the reader.
3. Eventhough title of the book and blurb give an impression that it's more about puzzle and challenges, the story drifts its focus more on politics in Mauryan empire than the puzzle to unsolve Brahmasthra.

Overall, it's a good read if you love historical fiction. If the story is narrated in a better way, this would be an impressive book with many historical facts.

My Rating: 3/5

Ps: I have received this free review copy from The blog tours in exchange for an honest review and this is my unbiased opinion on the book.

Read an excerpt of The Indus about Challenge here:

330 bc

The Macedonians and Greeks came with Alexander the Great to the Hindu Kush range. They were mesmerized by the land of the gods, snow-covered, forested mountains higher than Olympus. The sun rising and setting among the glistening peaks painted a breathtaking picture. They were entranced by the stories of the magical kingdoms of the air; of the heavens; of Vishnu and Shiva; of cities in the sky inhabited by sky demons. They were fascinated by the story of Surya, the sun god, who galloped across the sky each day in his golden chariot, pulled by the five horses, while down below in the dark bowels of the earth were giant serpents, red-eyed, flesh-eating demons and other creatures of the underworld.

It was at this time that the people of Bharat were looking inwards, while the Macedonians aggressively explored outwards and wanted to conquer the world. The kingdoms of Bharat were threatened by the aggressive Macedonians. No king or kingdom was free from the aggressor’s attack. Fragmented kingdoms, disunity and distrust among the rulers made these kingdoms an easy target for the Macedonians.

During this period, several events are shrouded in mystery—what brought Alexander to India? How did he die at such a young age? What were the origins of Chandragupta Maurya? How did a young lad of humble origins take on a mighty king? How did a poor Brahmin pundit help a poor young man rise to power from nowhere? What extraordinary powers did Chandragupta possess that made him so successful? Who were his key generals? Who won wars for him? The questions are endless.

There are several seemingly unconnected dots, as the history of this time is shrouded in deep mystery. Rudra effortlessly unlocks the ancient secrets and aligns the unconnected dots. Mystery unravelled; secrets decoded…

In the second avatar (Janam Two) as Rudra during the tumultuous times of Alexander and Chanakya, he offers stunning clues and revelations. His decrypting skills leave a trail that answers several mysteries in our rich history.

At last, Rudra, heading the Nine Unknown Men Army (NUM), has arrived to decode the secrets to save humanity from cataclysm and extinction.

Parthiva year, 306 bc, Kartika (November) month, Friday evening.

The Massaga fort in the Hindu Kush had surrendered to Rudra, the commander-in-chief of the Mauryan army. He was taking stock of the situation. At this hour, a cry hit his ears. ‘Meri raksha karo! (Please save me from the barbarians!’) A woman’s shrieking voice reverberated against the mountains.

‘Why does this lady cry so?’ asked Rudra, looking curiously at his companion. He turned in the direction from where the voice was coming. To his surprise, he saw two cages in which two persons stood, chained. There was a young woman around twenty-two years old, and in the other cage was a bright young lad.

Rudra looked at the cage closely. The woman was gorgeous, seductive, shapely. Her hair was kohl-black, and cascaded over her shoulders. She had thin eyebrows, velvety eyelashes, sea-nymph ears, a sharp nose, shiny white teeth, almond-shaped eyes and glossy skin.

She was wasp-waisted, and her pouting, luscious lips conveyed her displeasure. Her hips and bust were almost of equal size. Her perfect shape reminded him of many icons of beauty he had seen. Her fleshy rounded back attracted his attention.

Rudra realized that he was going overboard ogling at the young women. But in spite of her beautiful features, she seemed to be a fading flower, possibly due to her weakness and exhaustion.

He turned his head towards the surrendered commander of the opposing army, Dharma Sena.

‘Dharma Sena, who are these caged persons?’ asked Rudra.

‘Forget these idiots, Commander. Let me take you round the fort.’ Dharma Sena said, ‘This is Massaga, the great fort city of the Asvakas, the tribe of horsemen. To the south and west are gigantic rocks which defy climbing. To the east is the swift-flowing mountain torrent, the Masakavati river. This famous fort is situated on a hill 6,000 feet high and has a circumference of twelve miles. At the top of the fort, there is arable land requiring a thousand men to cultivate it. This land is capable of feeding more than 30,000 men indefinitely. There are also perennial springs and reservoirs. Every hill here is a natural fort, Commander. Every man here is a horse soldier, Commander. A mighty rampart of stone, brick and timber surrounds the fort, which also has a moat on three sides and the river on the fourth.

‘Commander, “Masika” means “serpent’s hole”, a name indicating the supposed impregnability of the fort and the valour of its defender.’

‘I realize how impregnable your fort is, Dharma Sena. I had to use my best skills to tame you and your fort. By the way, I am impressed by the seven gates leading to the citadel. Can you give me an overview of your fort, Dharma Sena?’

‘You have sharp eyes, Commander. You noticed our seven gates? I am impressed. Let me show you around.’

Grab your copy @

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About the author

A consistent Top Rank holder and a Gold Medallist throughout his academics, Mr. Durgadoss has had a career spanning 30 years comprising of depth from industry and width from management consultancy as highlights. He has held various senior management positions in top notch companies. Having travelled extensively on consulting assignments, he has interacted with prominent International Bodies like the UNIDO, Investment Bankers and companies held by Professors of Harvard Business School. He has a rare exposure to multiple cultures namely, MNCs, Home grown large groups, family concerns and public sector undertakings during his career. He is blessed with 360 degree analytical skills, which in turn emanates from his all round experience as a Functional head, General manager, Entrepreneur and a Board director. He is an advisor on the board of Directors of several companies benefiting the organizations with his remarkable cross functional skills and his up to date knowledge. Currently he is the Group Director – Finance and Strategy, House of S.T.Bhatia, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition he is the chief mentor, coach and Co – Promoter of Icon Management Services (IMS), UAE. Unceasing ‘Value Addition’ and not just ‘Validation’ is the mantra of success for IMS, a multi – disciplinary management consultancy organisation. He has multi-sectoral / cultural/ territorial/ functional exposure with proven track record of success. He is a PhD on Corporate Governance which involves CSR dimensions. He has delivered several lectures in various forums on Character, Competence and Consciousness (3Cs) towards the society and also has several articles to his credit.

Track travelled...

Raising the altitude from a functional entrant to a functional champion, extending his width as a management consultant of a Big 4 firm, he took up the profit centre head position, with a challenging revival assignment in the mid nineties.

Then he moved up to the entrepreneurial mode by taking up the role of a Managing Director of a new venture. Due to several macro economic factors, the venture went into deep trouble. He faced the worst disaster of his life on this venture, losing money, peace and friends, who invested along with him. From the brink of bankruptcy, he fought back to reach the basin of wisdom & wealth in the current assignment as the Director of a large group based in Dubai. The turbulence he went through during this phase tested his character & confidence. Now, along with Dr. Yerram Raju, his co-author, he has penned down this book on Character driven Competence, which elucidates practical ways of ‘Winning without Sinning’. He always says ‘Momentum leaders don’t wait for the waves; instead they build their waves and ride on them’.

After having fought the greatest wars in the deep chambers of his soul, he came triumphant, obtained his PHD in Corporate Governance and now presents the book with the worldly wisdom, gained by him during his career. 

‘Experience is the greatest from of Education’ says Dr. Durgadoss.

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Living my Imperfect Life

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