01 December, 2017

Gratitude List for November 2017 #GratitudeCircle

Just one more month to say Bye Bye to this year. This has been the busiest month of this year except for the last week, where I got time to read a lot of books and do some freelance testing.

Here is my Gratitude List for the month of November:

Dance Practice and Family support

This is the top one for sure to be grateful for. I performed on stage and the dance came out well. Since I am performing on stage since childhood, a stage show doesn't give me any nervousness. I was more worried about getting ready :p (I am not very good at makeup). The kids' group for which I choreographed also performed well which is a relief. I am really grateful to my children and husband who were supportive for 2 months of dance practice on all weekends. 

November Photo a Day Challenge 

I  am very grateful to participate in this Instagram challenge. I have enjoyed a lot searching my photo library for different prompts each day. I used to post a photo daily after getting up for the first thing in the morning. I am grateful to 'Google Photos' which stored a lot of my memories. The search feature and tagging are very helpful to participate in these type of challenges.

A collage of my Instagram photos

Free time in the last week

The last week of November is enjoyable with Black Friday shopping, more time for book reading, drawing, blogging and a visit to an Illumination light show. I watched a few good movies too. It was relaxing. 

Light show

New Beginnings

Next month, I am looking forward to taking new students to teach dance classes and I am all set for this. I am excited to read more books and review them in December. I am happy with my new laptop and I am looking forward to learning new skills in software testing. 

With just one more month to go for 2018, How are you feeling about November? I wish you a happy December.  

Until next time,

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Alana said...

December can be a beautiful month where I live, but it also brings severe weather. I did like your photo of the holiday lights, though. We'll see what 2018 brings. I haven't yet participated in any photo challenges or prompts, but maybe 2018 will be the year for that. Have a happy December!


I have had a pretty wonderful November all around, and I am looking forward to December, partly because it is my birthday month, and partly because I simply love this time of the year. Wishing you the very best with your new batch of students, and a wonderful month ahead. :)

Vinitha said...

That’s a lovely month you had, Mahathi. Those lights looked beautiful. Where is the picture/video of your dance? Would love to see them. I haven’t blogged at all in November as we all kept falling ill. Nevertheless, we had a good month with meeting friends after a long time and nice memories to take forward. Will be writing my gratitude post soon. All the best with your new dance class and everything else, Mahathi. 😀

Parul said...

Those lights look beautiful and like I said on my post, I would love to see more pictures on your dance performance. November was good this side. I am looking forward to another trip soon and what 2018 will bring :)
Wishing you a great December and what's remaining of 2017.

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