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Thought, I would introduce myself to the readers of my blog. There is not much to tell about me. Iam an easy going, fun loving girl (you can say woman now :)) who wants to enjoy each and every bit of life. I believe in God and I also believe that we are sent to this world with some purpose. I accept my weakness and I am also proud of my strengths equally :) I just love being me!

My favorite pass time is reading books of all genres especially fiction, mystery, psychological, humorous and emotional. Iam a classical dancer and like the quote 'Dance as no one sees you'. I love classical music, Veena , photography and painting too, but am still at a beginner level. I love travelling very much. I like blogging, through which i can express my feelings.

Started a blog around 6 years ago, just to try what it will look like and now it has become a part of my life. Mostly, you will see book reviews and travel experiences in  my blog. Now, I am also writing on general issues and some random thoughts which are worthy a share.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please feel free to share your opinion on my blog through comments :) Feel free to contact me @ ramyaelr(at)gmail(dot)com for any request on book/ product/ website reviews.

Before signing off, here are my favorite posts in my blog. It would be a good starting point for the new readers in my space :)

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Fall foliage trip
Easy reads for Beginners
Salvation of a saint - [Book Review]
One and a half wife - [Book Review]

Until next time,


Prasanna said...

Hi Mahathi, do you write anything about software testing(as you have mentioned its your profession)?

Mahathi Ramya said...

No Prasanna.. i didnt write anything on testing till now but i follow many testing blogs. Do you want any specific info on testing?

Ram said...

Hi Ramya,

Nice to see you as a Blogger. All the Best!


Mahathi Ramya said...

Thanks Patil :)

wanderer said...

Hey great to know you through your blog.
reviewer team

G Angela David said...

Nice to know about you, I liked your blog.

Vasantha Vivek said...

Hai Ramya,

Your blog has been featured in Women Special of " My Sweet Nothings ". Kindly give your comments.

With Love,

Vasantha Vivek said...

Hai Ramya,

The link for my post

Vasantha Vivek said...

Hai Ramya,

Here's your Guest Post in Wonderful As Women ( WAW ) series of Women Special. Expecting your comments on this.

Vasantha Vivek said...

Hai Ramya,

I am Vasantha from ” My Sweet Nothings”. I would like to add you as a Guest Writer for my article “This MOM’s Life” in my monthly Blogging Special - March 2016 - Parenting Special. If you are willing, you can contact me at my mail id:

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,

mahathi ramya A said...

Sure Vasantha, THanks. Will contact you.

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