10 May, 2012

How life changed with mobile

Do you remember ??

  • those days when we had only letters for detailed updates,land line phone conversations and telegrams for important updates..
  • those first days of holding a black nokia phone with pride which used to be so strong that it would be safe even after throwing it from a multi storied building :)..
  • playing first games on mobile like snake :)
  • talking to your love for such a long time that phone switches off finally
  • utilizing the sms pack by sending unlimited sms daily to your friends. Reading and forwarding good morning/ noon/ evening messages, jokes and quotes to friends and family
  • playing latest songs to friends and colleagues and listening to those songs on train/bus journeys with head phones
  • downloading different hello tunes, ring tones and setting up weird sms alert tones
  • replacing camera and alarm clock with your phone
  • started using first touch screen mobile with 3D motion gaming
  • checked mails, facebook and twitter updates on go
  • posted pictures on social networking sites and browsed fb even after 12 am for updates form US friends
  • used GPS, instagram, mobile banking and hell lot of new apps on Iphones
If you have done all of the above, you might agree that mobile phone really has become a part of our life gradually.

When mobile usage started slowly, i thought i would use my mobile only to talk, sms and listen to songs. Then, i started using it as camera, take photos and send MMS. Now, i use it to check my mails, Facebook and twitter updates as well. Sometimes, when i feel bored, i used to browse internet, read my favorite news paper and magazines online from mobile. These days, many sites are customized for mobile display and it is not difficult to browse or read from mobile. Playing games on iphones is totally an enjoyable pass time. 

There are also some disadvantages due to this, i agree. We are becoming dependent on mobile day by day. We need a birthday reminder, to do list/ memo to remember important things and best friend's birthdays. We are always available online making our bosses in office happy that they can expect important work to be done on weekends as well quickly( i mean replying to important client mails, anyways actual coding and testing cannot be done on mobiles comfortably as of now). Sometimes, we are too much engrossed in playing games, sending sms and talking for such long hours on phone that we miss personal time with family or time to pursue hobbies or learn new things. However, it depends on individual to prioritize things and handle everything well.

On this note, i want to know your opinion on how do you feel about the advent of mobile in your life? Did it make you happy , changed your life negatively? or positively? Please do share your opinion in comments.

Until next time,

This post is written for Internet is fun on vodafone contest. www.vodafone.in/fun
Image: twobee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. I agree with u tht mobile changed the life in both positive n negative ways! And it is never ending debate n nobody could answer that these growing technologies making human life simple or complicated ?? :-)


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