25 February, 2013

Collection of some random snaps

Place: Ramappa lake in the evening, Warangal
Ramappa lake seems excellent at the time of sunset. This photo was taken when we were on boat ride.

Place: Mainland China, Hyderabad 
Liked this decoration in the restaurant. See.. how beautiful this flower is made only with vegetables :)

Place: Princeton, USA. Next day after snow storm
Watching snowfall and playing with snow is great, but the next day after snowfall is also wonderful. See.. how bright sun is competing with snow to brighten the place :)

Place: Niagara, USA
Watching Niagara falls is the most un-forgettable experience. Watching water this much nearer from the park will make you crazy. 

Place: Gandipet Lake in the evening, Hyderabad
Gandipet lake is a peaceful place to go, especially if you are interested in long drives on wonderful evenings to the outskirts of the city 

Hope you liked these random clicks :)

Until next time,

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