30 May, 2013

[Blog a Prompt] Day 4 Prompt - Disaster

Written for 'Blog - A - Prompt'. Today's prompt is 'Disaster' :)

Thinking of disaster, i remember 2 things. One is a natural disaster and another is one of my performances that went terribly wrong :)

My experience on cyclone Sandy which has hit North eastern part of USA last year was terrible. Here is my post on that :) We spent around 4 days without electricity, water, food etc., 

As a classical dancer, i used to give performances regularly in my childhood. There is one specific song/ item 'Tharangam' in Kuchipudi which is slightly difficult to perform. It needs more practice, focus and concentration than other items. Dancer enacts the childhood mischief's of Lord Krishna in first part of the song and dances on a plate, with small vessel filled with water on head and balancing with candles in both the hands in the second part of the song. It was my 2
nd or 3rd performance where iam presenting tharangam and i was very nervous. I have practiced a lot before performance at home by keeping vessel/ small pot with water on head, but nervousness on D day spoils all our concentration na.. While performing, some water spilled from the vessel and i somehow managed that pot didn't fall on the stage. This was my first and last performance that went terribly wrong. I performed all other items well, but disappointed on this and cried a lot on that day. One good thing is - my teacher didn't say/ scold anything about the glitch. She told its common to be nervous and told me to relax and practice well for the next time. 

After this incident, i always practice a lot before performing this item again.  

Until next time,

Image courtesy: Google images


  1. Wow .. you didnt let the thing fall,,that in itself is a big deal!

  2. ya Sireesha.. thats the only breather on that day :)

  3. I have heard of such an experience for the first time.I always used to get surprised at such performances where Artists do such superb acts.
    Wonderful Blog..! Loved it..!
    it would have been more awesome if that picture with the balancing act was of your own..!! Good Luck..!! Keep Blogging..!!

  4. Glad that you liked my blog Suresh. I don't like posting my photos on blogs :)

  5. Aww... I can imagine how bad one feels when such things happen.
    Glad to have you around :)

  6. yes of course, it requires lots of concentration to balance a pot of water on the head and dance...its a talent :))


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