16 October, 2013

An App for the security of women

Seeing all the recent cases starting from 'Nirbhaya' case, women are worried about their safety when they have to travel alone. They are taking many safety measures like learning karate and carrying pepper spray in hand bags etc., Now, in this list, we also have a new app called 'Smart suraksha'.

I travel in auto many times and usually i prefer to go by the same auto everyday if it is available. If auto wallah goes by some other route, i will be more cautious and ask him to go by main route even in traffic. Another tip that we can follow in suspicious circumstances is to call some family member and inform your whereabouts at regular intervals from auto. By doing this, family members know in what location you are at certain point of time and it will be easy for them to track in case of any problem. Many people suggest to remember auto number, but i think, its not possible always. Fortunately, security people in our organization note down the auto number and our employee ID when we take an auto from office. Sometimes, they also call employees to ensure that they reached safely. It is a very good practice that can be followed in organizations with women employees. Even with all these safety measures in check, attacks can happen and these can be unpredictable. This makes me feel, I wish I had Smart Suraksha with me.

Now, about the app -

- you can choose 5 people to whom you can send sms alert in case of emergency
- Sms will also include location details
- Only a single click to send alert
- Additional feature is the ability to record car number or clothes the attacker is wearing etc.,
- you can enable women helpline option as well
- App is free, can be downloaded from google play store

So, what do you think about this app? Seems good, but i felt it should dial the chosen number on single click instead of sms, because many people might not be attentive to sms. If we have a smart phone with GPS location settings enabled, it will help a lot. We will have phone always handy, so it will be easy to send alert without the other person identifying it. 
Stay safe with smart Suraksha.. :)

Until next time,

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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